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The automation team leader remains designated to guide an entire team of automation engineers with their skills and experience in automation testing. They often ensure that tests remain efficient by providing reliable feedback to the testing engineers and collaborating with other stakeholders. Also, the automation team leaders design test strategies, plans, and maintain automation test data. They even create and continuously improve automated tests as new system features. With this, they develop enhancements for better working of the whole team.

In addition, the automation team leaders execute automated tests and manage the resulting defect log through the point of defect fix validation. They even ensure the appropriate tests environments and place infrastructures are updated. Again, the automation team lead identifies and report to product teams' questionable functions, performance concerns, and inconsistencies. Such leaders often document and mentor QA engineers in the method of the testing framework.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • The automation team leader design and build test harnesses for Automation Testing Design/Architect test automation framework and devise the new test automation libraries.
  • They create the Automated Regression Test Pack using front-end and back-end test scripts.
  • Also, the automation team leader designed and develop the automated solution for sanity testing for various repeatable tests.
  • They implement a QA process and automated testing for all the work-streams to improve the overall testing cycle.
  • In addition, the automation testing lead participates in the development and support of the testing program aimed at supporting multiple testing efforts simultaneously.
  • They become a part of an ongoing effort to bring new testing knowledge into the team.

Key Skills Required

  • Automation team leaders should have the ability to work independently and in a team-based setting.
  • Also, the automation team lead should have the ability to create tests in the chosen framework by reviewing code commits and user stories.
  • They should have strong SQL skills and/or data validation apart from strong interpersonal, project management, and organizational skills.
  • Likewise, they should even have the ability to drive and articulate sustainable processes.
  • Again, the position of automation team leads demands the skill of excellent writing and verbal communication.
  • They should even have the willingness to pitch ideas and test new approaches.

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  • The automation team leader should have BA/BS degree in engineering or business.
  • These leaders should have a strong background in automation using object-oriented programming languages like C language and/or Java.
  • In addition, the automation team lead should integrate automated testing into a Jenkins CI/CD framework.
  • Again, the position of automation team leads demands the skill of excellent writing and verbal communication.

Experience Required

  • The position of the automation team leads demands knowledge in building automation frameworks for web-based software.
  • They should even develop frameworks on mobile platforms.
  • Also, these leaders should have professionalism with Selenium for the enhanced position.
  • Likewise, the automaton team lead should have working practice in an Agile Scrum environment.
  • They should have the experience to lead DevOps automation efforts as Tech lead or Architect.
  • In addition, the automation team leader should have training in the development and implementation of build release pipelines with personal accountability.
  • They should manage deployment schedules, issues, risks, and impediments.
  • The automation team lead should have experience designing automated solutions with TFS Release Management as the orchestrator of choice.
  • They should know about managing to contract with analytical skills.
  • Significantly, the automation team leader should have 7 to 10 years of training in an IT environment, as a supervisor, Tech Lead, and/or Architect.
  • They should even have 5 to 10 years of practice in creating automated solutions for deployments and builds.
  • In short, the automation team lead should showcase their professionalism in a professional services industry with managing DevOps organizations.
Expected Salary

Expected Salary

The average salary for the automation team leads in the UK remains 55,000 pounds per annum or 28.21 pounds per hour. However, the salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors. These elements involve education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. So, the top-earning automation team leader makes 70,000 pounds per year more than the lowest-earning ones. Also, the entry-level positions start at 45,000 pounds per year.

Career Progression

Your education should be the foremost step that you should take to become an automation team leader. You must have all the required skills that remain significant in this field. Also, apart from skills, you must engross yourself in developing your skills in this area. In addition, you may find that experience in other jobs help you to become an Automation team lead. However, sometimes this field demands experience in a role such as Quality Assurance Lead. Meanwhile, many automation leads have previous career experience in roles such as Quality Assurance Engineer or Quality Assurance Analyst. Significantly, you must perform your skills in leading the team in meeting project requirements. You must even focus on complying with protocols and producing high-quality results. Also, spend more time with your team by communicating about the project and other relevant departments. For this purpose, you must improve your overall skills and train yourself with efficient techniques. In addition, enhance your knowledge about analytical skills with professionalism in managing organizations.
Career Progression

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