Career path to become a Junior Automation Engineer

How to Become a Junior Automation Engineer

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Job Responsibilities

These engineers are responsible for adding tests to the existing project and framework for automating. They might have limited coding skills and are new to automation tests. However, it is important for them to contribute to day-to-day planning, execution, and planning actions. These individuals can’t be assigned to build a test project from scratch since they require the assistance of senior test automation engineers. Being passionate about automation development is very important to progress further with the role. You will have enough chances to work in a diverse culture and drive change across a company. Your efforts will be used for improving and scaling automation both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Active participation is required for everyday planning, design, and reporting of automated tests scripts and manual test cases.
  • The engineer must adhere to the software development principles in the creation of manual, automation test cases, SQL, and software tools.
  • You have to understand and apply the test-driven design concepts to testing and debugging automated tools or manual testing tools and various software developed by others.
  • You will have the responsibility to work in an evolving global delivery environment that embraces innovation.
  • You will be required to participate in meetings and communicate your thoughts whenever needed.
  • You will be writing, executing, and maintaining test automation scripts with Java/Python/.Net
  • Provide assistance for building API connected platforms for automation.
  • You might have to work with Agile methodologies

Skills Required

  • Knowledge and experience in test case designing with different techniques is necessary
  • Experience with Defect Lifecycle is important for the engineer
  • The candidate should have expertise over Java/Java8+
  • Experience with a test automation tool like Selenium is necessary
  • The engineer should have strong communication, analytical, reporting, and coordination skills
  • Familiarity with GIT is also important for the engineer
  • Experience in working with cloud environments like AWS
  • Good skills in object-oriented programming

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Experience Required

This is an entry-level role and doesn’t require intensive experience in software test automation. Freshers and individuals with up to 12 months of experience can apply for this position of Junior automation engineer. You won’t be working independently to build testing projects from scratch. However, you will learn a lot from seniors to progress further. If you are really passionate about automation and testing, then this is a great position to get started in your career. You can expect accelerated career growth with the right guidance from the start.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • The candidate should have 0-12 months of experience in relevant training or experience with testing tools.
  • The candidate should be having an educational background in BTech/BE/ME/MCA/MTech/MSc
  • Usually, companies look for certified developers/testers for placement
Expected Salary

Expected Salary

A junior automation engineer in the UK can expect an average salary of £23,750 to £35,000. These salaries will entirely depend on your skill set, experience, and the organisation itself. However, by being a part of a collaborative environment where your skills are valued, you can expect fast career progression with a better pay scale and perks. You have to be really passionate about what you are doing to achieve more in a short period of time. Thus, apart from technical skills, you have to develop personal skills as well.

Career Progression

Although this is an entry-level position, you will have to work a lot to learn new things and gain experience from your seniors. Experiential learning will be playing a big role in your experience as a junior automation engineer. You have to polish your coding skills, testing skills, and architecture knowledge. Only full expertise with cloud environments like AWS can help you move to the next level.
Career Progression

How Can LSET Training Help You with This Job?

Although this is an entry-level job in automation testing, you need good technical skills and experience with automated and manual testing tools. The LSET Software Automation Testing certificate course can help you immensely by teaching the latest industry popular tools with complete hands-on experience. You will be briefly introduced to black-box and white-box testing, automated testing, mobile & web testing, and more technologies. Rigorous practical training will help you secure the job of junior automation engineer and progress further in your career. We also provide an add-on industrial training that helps you receive training from big IT companies in the US or UK.