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How to Become a Senior Automation Engineer

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Job Responsibilities

These engineers hold accountable for deploying engineering methodologies to automate processes and infrastructure. Also, they must comprehend in conceptualising automated solutions and analyse the prescribed design architecture. Along with this, the senior automation engineer must understand the workflow with the capability of describing the business process through a workflow diagram. Thus, brilliant writing skills with apprehension to document each process and automated solution designs. In addition, the engineer must have an aptitude to solve any problem with the ability to take a rational route to the source of an error. Apart from this, the senior automation engineer should deliver high-quality work and adapt to new challenges, either by themselves or as part of a team. Likewise, they must be fluent in spoken communication and be capable of handling and guiding developers in the project.
  • Discover and implement new approaches to automate systems
  • Design and test automation tools and processes
  • Programming new automated components
  • Identifying quality issues and writing reports
  • Eliminating issues and errors with product and software development
  • Collaborate with other unit members
  • Guiding junior automation engineers or instructing mid-level engineers

Skills Required

  • Must know both hardware and software applications
  • Should have strong leadership quality and enthusiasm to work in a team
  • Skilled in developing designs and configuration company’s manufacturing or software processes for Automation
  • Acquired knowledge in CM tools to implement reliable automated procedures
  • Understanding in programming tools to facilitate troubleshooting process applicable in testing
  • Candidates with strong analytical skills and excellent manual dexterity would be preferred
  • Should be familiar with processes and standards, such as ITIL and DevOps philosophy
  • Must have learned programming languages like C & its variants, Perl, Shell, Java, Python, and Ruby
  • Understanding of tools like Cucumber, Postman, Selenium, Jenkins, Newman, SQL, and RDBMS

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Experience Required

  • The candidate should have over 5 years of experience with Automation testing
  • Candidates must have experience in project management with a solid understanding of computer programming and software development
  • Should be experienced with robotics, AI, and machine learning
  • Must have experience in Web Testing and Mobile Testing with an understanding of QA metrics and reporting
  • Candidates must have experience in building frameworks from scratch Keyword, Data, POM, BDD, etc
  • We would prefer those candidates experienced with Desktop, API Automation, Web, and Mobile based applications
  • Should be experienced in Selenium with Java and Selenium Eclipse Automation
  • Experience in software development with 3-8 years would be preferred

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • The candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a similar field
  • Candidates should have creative thinking skills, excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Should have excellent organisational skills and attention to detail with strong analytical skills
  • Must show the ability to communicate with other members of the development team
  • The candidate should be familiar with Automation best practices along with knowledge about current technology trends
  • Candidates with proficiency in different types of testing like Integration, Sanity, Regression, User Acceptance testing, etc., would be favoured
Expected Salary

Expected Salary

A senior automation engineer could expect an average salary of 33,000 to 81,000 pounds in the UK. But, of course, the key factors that would determine your salary would be your skills and educational qualifications. Also, your experience in this field of senior automation engineering would influence your pay scale to a great degree. In addition, most UK companies hire those senior automation engineers who are always willing to challenge themselves with new projects. Likewise, your behaviour with your teammates would further add perks to your overall salary expectations. Apart from this, you must keep yourself updated with the latest technological trend to achieve great success in this area and even improve your paycheck.

Career Progression

In the first place, you must have a passion for continuing up-gradation in this technical field by enhancing your knowledge as per requirement. Your passion for improving your credentials by supervising junior automation engineers and mid-level ones would increase your professional growth. Thus, you could achieve all these qualities by accepting more challenges and fulfilling these tasks. Also, your techniques of solving any problem would improve with such practices and surely make you a great leader. So, for such improvements in your carer level, you must consider doing a course that would advance your capability of solving any issue.
Career Progression

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