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An automation architect is a top-level position that is responsible for configuring and aligning automation processes, tools, and methodologies with the business goals. These professionals have to coordinate with various departments, IT teams, and stakeholders to enforce various automation practices, standardise compliance and optimise automated systems. The top organisations expect a software automation architect to lead, monitor, and enhance automation service creation and overall business growth. He/she should have years of expertise and experience in modern testing methods and tools, including automation.

Key Responsibilities

A software architect must provide complete automation support of the project from the moment of its inception, through product release, to the development of enhancements. Some other responsibilities of software architects involve:
  • Cooperation with various stakeholders to determine software requirements.
  • Producing high-level product specifications and design documents.
  • Software architects must provide the development team with architectural blueprints to follow.
  • They must train and aid the team throughout the procedure.
  • A software architect must know to troubleshoot and resolve issues with coding or design.
  • They must adhere to development schedules and deadlines along with their team.
  • These architects must confirm to propose improvement statements and established objectives.
  • They must make sure that the final product meets all requirements with complete functionality.
  • They should update software solutions when required.

Roles of Software Architect

A software automation architect is a key professional who is expected to create an automation strategy and procure the required resources to execute it. Usually, large enterprises hire a software automation architect to solve existing problems. They might have to directly report to CIO, CFO, CMO, CTO, etc. Once this professional defines a set of automation goals for the organisation, he/she creates an automation initiative to provide guidance throughout the enterprise to implement new tools and processes.

The software automation architect has to determine what exactly can be automated, and exactly when. They play a major role in overseeing the standardisation to allow automation processes to deliver critical services. This top professional has excellent communication skills to directly brief business leaders on the opportunities provided by automation.

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Skills Required

  • Should have great communication skills to handle customers, managers, business analysts, and developers in their languages.
  • Must have the ability to convince people by explaining all the actions correctly with their natural charisma.
  • Software architects must be competent speakers to participate in discussions to persuade others.
  • They should also possess organizational and leadership skills to lead a team composed of different specialists.
  • These architects must be stress-resistant as they might need to change business environments.
  • They must possess the most important aptitude of analytical solving all problems that can be evaluated, designed, and developed.
  • They should inspire and coach their team members to achieve more and meet their expectations.
  • A software architect must be capable of finding solutions in an organized and systematic manner.
  • They must prioritize their tasks quickly and juggle team members' assignments throughout a product's development.
  • They should pay attention to all significant details to make sure the project code meets its objective.
  • Should be capable of thinking creatively to find alternate solutions or creative ways to solve problems.
  • Software architects are full-stack developers and should have broad experience across multiple programming languages.
  • Among various programming languages, they must maintain mastery in UML (Unified Modeling Language).
  • They should also have a grasp of languages like Ruby, Go, C, JavaScript, Rust, COBOL, Python, Rust.
  • They must be familiar with DevOps practices to keep development and operation teams aligned.

Experience Required

  • They must have extensive experience in software development and project management.
  • These architects must have a solid understanding of a variety of programming tools and development platforms.
  • Such architects should present their excellent organizational and leadership abilities.
  • They should possess a highly analytical mindset with the ability to solve each problem after reviewing each detail.
  • They must manage practices and solutions within their development team to increase efficiency.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • A software architect must possess a Master's degree in computer science.
  • They must know about DevOps to speed up the software development process at every step.
  • Must have training in UML or system design for their role in the development team.
  • Should know multiple computer programming languages and frameworks.
Expected Salary

Expected Salary

Some software automation architects prefer to be freelancers, while others opt for full-time salaried employees. Among these, some choose to work on contract positions as per their requirements and convenience. So, these working levels offer varied packages to software architects. However, there are other factors to determine the overall salary of any software automation architect. These mainly involve region, qualifications, certifications, size of the development team, and core experience. So, a software automation architect's wage in the UK is £67,500 per year. Also, some other salaries for this position in the UK range from £57,594 to £85,00 per year.

Career Progression

The journey to becoming a software automation architect is quite long and hard. It would take you years to master test plan strategies, test automation frameworks, and execution. You have to face both technical and non-technical challenges throughout your career to achieve this position. However, a certification course in software automation might be very beneficial for you to progress in your career to become a software automation architect.
Career Progression

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