Official Brand Mascot of London School of Emerging Technology (LSET)

Professor Larry Set

Disclaimer: Larry Set is a fictional character created for educational purposes. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Meet professor Larry Set, a multi-talented innovator, educator, and official mascot of LSET. We are proud to announce that he will teaching in our upcoming educational videos on different technologies. By introducing this interesting and funny fictional character into our videos, we want to make the learning experience more enjoyable, engaging, and interesting.

Instead of being a serious professor, he would often crack jokes, narrate funny explanations, and teach students practical concepts that can’t be found in any ordinary textbook. Talking about his physical characteristics, he is an old man with white hair and a beard. His blue eyes are covered with typical geeky round spectacles, which makes his character more interesting and fun.

Professor Larry
Professor Larry with Projector

We have created this interactive character to infuse the real value of emerging technologies into the career paths of our students. LSET smart curriculum combines hands-on project-based learning with a focus on the employability of our students. The lessons and videos by Larry are aimed to provide students with an understanding of real-world applications and career paths.

Instead of being a purely technical and academic character, Professor Larry has a humorous personality that engages the students with interactive and project-based learning. Students learning from Larry’s videos will get better exposure to the practical applications of emerging technology. This would give them the best opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge in different domains and realize the connection between the classes and the real workplaces.

Professor Larry is a very important part of LSET because it enables us to embrace the importance of emerging technologies in today’s dynamic world. It is expected that Information Technology companies will become one of the largest employers around the globe. Thus, with Larry, we are hoping to build a well-trained emerging technology workforce that will be ready to hire.

By having Professor Larry Set in the London School of Emerging Technology curriculum, we aim to instil innovation and creativity among our students. This would provide them with the best platform for project-based learning, futuristic teaching methods, skills exploration, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Professor Larry