LSET Performance Appraisal Program

Last Updated: 11 October 2022

The London School of Emerging Technology is dedicated to ensuring proper staff development and believes that performance appraisal and planning should be an integral part of our administrative processes. Therefore, we have developed a program that helps all the participants to improve the understanding of their job roles, promote better job performance, and provide future prospects for career growth.

The main goal of this LSET performance evaluation and performance appraisal program is to provide staff with constructive feedback on their performance and achievements for the financial year. Therefore, the program will be very helpful for the staff to have a better understanding of job roles, responsibilities and performance expectations at LSET. The goals of the current and upcoming year will help the staff to meet these performance expectations and align themselves towards their career development.

The next step of this process includes giving the staff feedback on their professional performance and development goals (this includes competencies required, if applicable) and defining professional development goals.

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