Research & Development

Research and Development Course

The Research Development team at LSET consists of a small yet highly experienced unit of research-funding experts devoted to backing up academic colleagues to work on their research from the beginning to submission.

We put our hard work at the ideas-development and connection building and can collaborate with entities or organizations to discover concepts and help mature them into research funding submissions, connecting with colleagues at professional support facilities counting those in Research Institutes, collaborations and Research Operations.

We are also indulged in the running of various training programs related to technology and information activities which benefits individuals to grow their research portfolios.

We are interested to listen from anyone who has a research idea which they would like to follow, whether it only needs a tiny work to form into a project or proposal, or it’s an early phase of a concept which would progress from broader debate and brain-storming with likeminded people. At LSET, Research & Development has a cross-LSET emphasis and we are mainly attracted to support inter- and multi-disciplinary research proposals, in collaboration with our colleagues at LSET and its partner Institutes and Centres.