Boost Your Productivity with IntelliJ IDEA! Step-by-Step Installation Guide for Java Developers

Published on Jan 12, 2024

“Today, we are diving into JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, the ultimate integrated development environment for Java, Kotlin, and more. IntelliJ IDEA is here to supercharge your coding and Enhance your experience, whether you’re an experienced developer or just getting started. So, let’s get started with the installation process!”

“The first step is to visit the official JetBrains website. You can find the link in the description below. Or go to Google, type IntelliJ, and search. Click on the first link to be redirected to the official JetBrains website. Once there, click on the ‘Download’ button for the Community or Ultimate edition, depending on your needs. We will install the Community edition for this video, which is free and packed with awesome features.”

“While the download is in progress, let me quickly mention that IntelliJ IDEA accommodates a variety of programming languages and frameworks, establishing it as a versatile option for developers. Across different domains.”

Once the download is complete, let’s kick off the installation process. Find the downloaded file and initiate the installation by double-clicking on it. Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to customise your installation preferences.

The next step is to click the next button

Here, you can select the location for the installation. Click on the next button.

Here, you can configure your installation options, such as creating desktop shortcuts, adding path variables, updating the context menu, and making associations.” Click on next.

Select the “install” button and patiently wait for a few moments. Minutes. This will take some time, depending on the speed of your computer.

In most cases, the installation process is straightforward. IntelliJ IDEA will have you up and running quickly by setting up the necessary files and components.

Here, you can see that the installation has been completed. You will be asked to restart your computer; select that option and click the Finish button to complete the process.

Once the installation has been completed, go to the search box in your window and type IntelliJ. As you can see here, the file appears.

Select the “open” button to commence using it.

“Thank you for watching, and until next time, happy coding. May your bugs be minimal!”

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