Understanding the instance of Operator in Java

Published on Jan 03, 2024

Hello! Today, on Tech Bites, we’ll be delving into the instance of operator in Java.

The example of the operator in Java serves the purpose of checking whether an object belongs to a specific class.

Firstly, we will declare a class named “Car” and an interface called “Vehicle.” Additionally, we will create another class named “Showroom.”(1-5)

Moving on to our main method,

we will instantiate an object of the Car class using the statement ‘Car car = new Car();’. This will create a new instance of the Car class. (9-11)

Subsequently, we will employ the ‘instance of’ keyword to check if the ‘car’ object is an instance of the Vehicle interface, using the condition: if (car instance of Vehicle). (13)

Based on the result of this

For the ‘instanceof’ check, the program will print a message. If the condition is true, it will print ‘Car is an instance of Vehicle’. Otherwise, it will print ‘Car is not an instance of Vehicle’.(14 =16)

Upon running the code

 it will initially print ‘Car is not an instance of Vehicle.’ To change this outcome, we will implement the Vehicle interface within the Car class, ensuring that it implements all methods declared in the Vehicle interface. (run)

Upon rerunning the code, the output will indicate, ‘Car is an instance of Vehicle.’

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