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Agile Project Management is an insistent approach to handling software development projects that focus on continuous launches and re-iteration after incorporating every customer/user feedback.

If you are someone looking for in-depth learning and training on Agile Project management and its related processes, this is the ideal course for you

The term agile, literally translated means active or energetic. Hence as the name suggests, companies or organisations that embrace Agile Project Managers have speedy development, expand networks and possess the ability to cater to the dynamic market trends. Agile Project Management enables the companies to reap benefits even during the middle stages than right after the completion of it. In recent years many company directors and CEO’s have realised the benefit of fast-tracking their project managements by this iterative and decentralised procedure.

Benefits of learning Agile Project Management
  • In recent years the role of project managers has boomed, due to the economic and social growth encountered through various business and IT projects.
  • Agile Project Managers are rather emerging in the market at this point, and there are various job posts open for them, with the average yearly salary for starters being around £47,500.
  • While 41% of employees in this field are earning over £50,000 per year, the senior-level project managers are making more than £70,000 annually.
  • Project Management is a pretty flexible job role, mainly requires useful leadership techniques, empathy and problem-solving. Most of the work that Agile Project Managers do can be done remotely.


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