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A Front End Developer manages and oversees the visuals that a user looks at once they open a browser or application. How a site or application looks is dependent on a Front End Developer.

If you are someone looking for an in-depth understanding of Front End Development and its incorporation in the real-world, this is the ideal course for you.

Front End Developers mainly focus on the client or user end of any website or application. The various tasks of a Front End Developer include interpreting code, design, and debugging apps along with ensuring a smooth user/client experience. For instance, when a user opens a web browser, a Front End Developer is accountable for the very first look of it like the toggle’s on the Chrome web browser. As a Front End Developer, you are responsible for the look, feel, and ultimately the design of the site.

Benefits of learning Front End Development:
  • Front End Development is a fascinating job role to be engaged in due to its dynamic nature. As a Front End Developer, you will always have the opportunity to interact with newly developed tools and learn brand new skills daily, keeping you engaged in your career. It is a field development that comes with many opportunities for hands-on personal learning.
  • Several studies and surveys indicate that a person working as a Front End Developer in the UK typically earns around £2880 per month. Salaries range from £1325 (minimum) to £4,600 (maximum). This is the average monthly median salary, including transport, travelling, housing costs and many other benefits.
  • According to the BLS, employment in the Web Development sector is projected to grow by a wholesome of 27% from 2019-2024. Thus, job safety and security are maximum in this sector.


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