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How to Write a User Story – A Beginner’s Guide

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User Story

Published on Oct 06, 2022

User stories are one of the most popular and useful practices in software development. They can help teams create better software by making their processes more focused and their ideas clearer. The user story is one of the key elements of the agile framework, and its implementation can be a challenging process for developers who are used to a different style of working.

A user story is an abstraction that represents a feature from the perspective of the user. It isn’t about how something is built or which code needs to be written; it’s about what the user wants to achieve with that code. User stories are brief but powerful descriptions of what a user will do with your product. A good user story should answer three questions:


XYZ corporation provides a cloud storage service so users can upload, and store images taken from their phones.

Add a button to allow users to upload images from their image gallery to our cloud storage.

User Stories

  • As a developer, I want to develop a mobile application with an upload button so that users can upload images to the cloud from their gallery.
  • As a mobile app user, I want to upload all my images to the cloud so that I can access them from other devices.

ABC corporation has a blog on its main website, and they want its visitors to share those on various social media sites.

Add a share button on the blog page to share this blog page to various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

User Stories

  • As a developer, I want to develop a blog page on the main website with a share button so that users can share blogs on different social media sites.
  • As a user, I want to share the blogs from the main website to different social media sites so that other users of social media sites can read the blogs.

Student Assignment

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