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Sample Test Cases for Online Shopping

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Test Cases

Published on Sep 27, 2022

Software testing is a process that helps ensure your software has fewer bugs, glitches, and crashes. It’s a way to verify that your program works correctly and that its users have the best possible experience using it.
Testing is performed by humans who analyse their understanding of how the software should work. They check if the user can do what they ought to be able to do when using the software. In order to test software effectively, you need test cases. A test case is a document that specifies how something should operate in a specific context. This article will explore what a test case is and why it’s so important when testing software.

Sample Test Cases for Online Shopping

  • Verify the Company logo is visible.
  • Verify that all the specified fields are present on the registration page.
  • Verify that the required/mandatory fields are marked with * against the field.
  • Verify the page has both submit and cancel/reset buttons at the end.
  • Verify that not filling in the mandatory fields and clicking the submit button will lead to a validation error.
  • Check validation on the date and email fields (only valid dates and valid email Ids should be allowed.
  • Check validation on numeric fields by entering alphabets and special characters.
  • Verify that all the labels and controls including Textboxes, Buttons, and Links are present on the Login Page.
  • Verify that the size and colour of the Website Elements are as per the specifications.
  • Verify that all the images of the product are visible.
  • After login Verify that the user can be able to search for the products.
  • Verify that the user can add to the cart one or more products.
  • Verify that users can add products to the wish list.
  • Verify that the user can successfully buy more than one product that was added to the cart.
  • Verify that the delivery can be declined for the places where shipping is not available.
  • Verify that the Cash on the Delivery option of payment is working fine.
  • Verify that the different pre-paid methods of payment are working fine.
  • Verify that the product return functionality works fine.

Student Assignment

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