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What is a Test Case? – Understanding the Basics of Software Testing

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Test Case

Published on Oct 06, 2022

Software testing is the process of identifying and diagnosing defects in software programs. These defects are referred to as bugs or test failures, which are defects that software testers find while testing a program to find its bugs and other problems. Software testing also ensures that the final product is of high quality, functions as expected, and meets the needs of users or customers.
Testing clearly involves identifying bugs, but what exactly is a test case? Well, let’s dig deeper… A test case is a document that outlines how you will test your software for bugs or errors. It explains who should use the program and how they will do so in order to reveal any issues with it. Test cases can be created on their own, but they’re most useful when you combine them with another set of documents called test plans.


Student Assignment

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