The Great British Tech Show

Bringing Greatest British Technical Minds Together

Are you Ready to Influence the Nex-Gen Technical Minds?

About the Show

LSET proudly presents the Great British Tech Show. We invite top tech professionals and leaders to talk about the latest technologies and processes in the industry.

These tech gurus share their wisdom about the most useful and efficient technologies on the show. Get ready to dive into the fun-filled educational and insightful watching experience.

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Invite or Self-Nominate

The Great British Tech Show is an ultra-exclusive, invitation only show for a handpicked selection of tech influencers. If you have not received an invitation but would like to be considered, you may nominate someone or self-nominate yourself by filing out the below form. Your nomination will be sent to our show panel for consideration. We would be delighted to have you on board for our tech show and educate the next generation of tech professionals.

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The Great British Tech Show
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The Great Technology Platform

Today, technology has become an integral part of businesses, government organisations, and non-governmental organisations. It is hard to think about a world without technology, thus, there’s a greater demand for tech professionals and leaders than ever before. If you have the talent and the experience, then we welcome you to our tech show to share your inspiring stories and talk about the future of technology in different industries.

LSET is dedicated to gathering the top leaders and professionals to discover new levels of creativity, innovation, and resources. We are looking for individuals who have mastered agile processes and have ensured ground-breaking problem-solving in the tech world.

The Great British Tech Show Topics

  • The rise and adoption of cloud technologies
  • Application of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Full-stack development
  • Future of Java technology
  • Industry moving with IoT technology
  • The importance of cybersecurity
  • Agile project management
  • Mobile application development
  • The rise of the Python programming language

The Show Where Business Meets Innovation

LSET acts as a powerful global catalyst for digital transformation and emerging tech leaders. We are dedicated to bringing the top tech minds and innovators together to ignite a positive change in business and our society. Together we can empower the youth, future professionals and entrepreneurs.

It’s Time to Reconnect with People

The COVID-19 pandemic might have slowed down global business growth, but we can begin again and connect with people to discover the latest innovations. Join the LSET the Great British Tech Show to meet top tech leaders, aspiring speakers, business professionals, budding start-ups, and more.

Reasons to Present in the Tech Show

Get exposure to a global platform

Meet other tech leaders and professionals

Present yourself to attendees

Gain more followers on your social media

Gain future support from LSET

Get Technically Educated by Watching the Show

The LSET Great British Tech Show is an educational tech show where the best tech influencers talk about the latest tech trends and processes in the industry. It’s a must-watch show for IT students, professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to lead in the tech industry. Get ready to get inspiration from the leaders and learn about the latest technology.

Reasons to Watch the Tech Show

  • Learn about the latest technology stacks
  • Prepare for the emerging technologies
  • Get inspiration from the tech influencers
  • Gain career advice from the speakers
  • Learn about the success stories of top tech companies