Agile Project Management

This LSET project management workshop is meant to teach the modern Agile principles to manage projects in a complex world effectively. The individuals taking this workshop can expect to improve their workflow and their time management. It is the most effective way to learn how to tackle real-world challenges in a project with an Agile approach. Get the fast start to execute your plans with Agile practices and techniques.

“A traditional project manager focuses on following the plan with minimal changes, whereas an agile leader focuses on adapting successfully to inevitable changes.”

Jim Highsmith

Benefits of Agile Project Management Workshop

There are numerous benefits of attending this workshop and learning agile project management. These are some of the most notable benefits of learning agile;

Students Become More Adaptive to Change

The workshop encourages students to embrace change with the agile approach. They are not rigid and gracefully accept the continually changing requirements. Taking this workshop can greatly help students who have difficulty in evolving with change or defining work.

Students Can Reduce Risks

Handling the project requirements on time is very important in a workplace. Implementing Agile methodology reduces the chances of project failure and ensures continuous delivery. The work is also broken into small actionable deliverables that can be adapted right on the spot.

Students Can Improve Their Task Prioritisation

Prioritising tasks is very important when you have been given an assignment. Students plan their tasks with sprints and allocate resources according to insights by taking this agile project management workshop.

Improvement in Work Efficiency

By learning the agile approach, students can improve their efficiency at work since they embrace working in a collaborative culture and take responsibility for their roles. The interconnected nature of the Agile method lets individuals improve efficiency and collaboration.

Leads to Quality Work

Learning agile project management from this workshop will help the students achieve a higher quality in their work. By communicating continuously and effectively, individuals can review their priorities. Thus, they can improve the quality while supporting the project teams.

Improve Employability

The majority of software development companies have implemented agile project management methodologies in their daily operations. Thus, students can learn the agile approach and become employable in the competitive market by attending this workshop.

Benefits of Agile Project Management Workshop

There are numerous benefits of attending this workshop and learning agile project management. These are some of the most notable benefits of learning agile;

LSET Agile Project Management Workshop Paradigm

  • Traditional vs Agile project management
  • Agile main concepts
  • Agile frameworks
  • Agile requirements
  • Backlog management
  • Concepts of visualisation
  • Agile planning
  • KPI and measurements
  • How to manage Agile transformation?

Learning Objectives

The LSET agile project management workshop wants to help students to start their careers by learning agile practices and becoming more employable in top organisations. This agile workshop is the starting point for individuals to learn agile project management. The workshop is led by real-world agile project managers who have years of experience in project management. The following are some of the learning objectives of the LSET Agile project management workshop;
  • The students will be taking the Agile approach for software development after completing this workshop instead of relying on traditional management
  • After completing this workshop, the students will learn how to apply various tools and techniques for developing a project and coordinating with teams
  • The activities of the workshop are meant to teach students about planning, tracking, and monitoring Agile projects, portfolios, and programs
  • The workshop expects the students to learn how to improve team effectiveness by focusing on user feedback
  • The students will have a clear understanding of collaboration and communication required between developers for Agile to succeed