Workshop/Career In IT Series/Which type of company is right for you?

Which type of company is right for you?

Company cultures, types of tech used, differences between sub-sectors e.g. FinTech, MedTech etc, large vs small, startups VC corporate, etc.

Workshop Information

This career workshop is ideal for students who are unsure about their career options and the current employment market. We have made this workshop incredibly interactive, motivational, and enjoyable for the students. Our experts will help you make the most of your work and resources by applying tried-and-true job search tactics that will increase your chances of finding amazing career opportunities that are a good fit for you. They will provide complete guidance from their years of industry training in the IT sector. After completing the workshop, the students will be able to align their skills with the most suitable career option.

This career workshop is perfect for students who are confused about career choices and the current job market. LSET has made this career workshop very interactive, motivating, and fun. They will receive complete guidance to apply their learned skills in the real world, pursue their educational goals, and ultimately land the perfect suitable job. Our instructors will help you make the most of your time and energy by employing tried-and-true job search techniques that boost your chances of discovering fantastic job prospects that suit you.

When it comes to the IT industry, it is much more essential to evaluate the company because the brand’s name will help override other reasons when taking on a certain position. There are times when people start a career in the IT business with great hopes, only to discover that the employment isn’t quite what they expected. Our instructors will provide thorough guidance about various companies’ cultures and their work environments. They will be helping the candidates evaluate their talents, interests, and values. The extensive peer-to-peer discussion will enable the students to identify and develop the resources that they will need to achieve their goals.

Our mentors will show you how to make a strong first impression when networking, interviewing and writing résumés, curriculum vitae, cover letters, thank-you notes, and applications while searching and applying for jobs. The instructors will help you gain the learning experience and networking options necessary to create an impressive work profile. Furthermore, they will help you understand various sub-sectors in tech, i.e., Edtech, Fintech, MedTech, etc. In the workshop, you will be equipped with the basic experience that techies should explore and think about before accepting an offer from an IT company.

The career workshop aims to create enthusiasm and a good attitude that can go a long way towards making you more appealing. Our instructors will provide an overview of major milestones in the job search process, including job search misconceptions, a discussion of various job search approaches, crucial job search tools and tactics, and advice on how to make the process more manageable. This will provide job shadowing experience, which will permit students to experience a new work environment by observing a professional and learning about various career pathways and sectors in IT companies. Students will learn more about where they might find the best work experience during this career workshop.