Git Management Workshop

It becomes really important to monitor even the minute file changes in a software project. A distributed version management system can help developers ensure their code’s quality in a regulated environment. This complimentary workshop on Git Management will provide a complete hands-on introduction to Git. We will be covering all the stages of development, including check-in, code review, release, and life cycle management.

Benefits of Git Management Workshop

Git is regarded as the most popular Version Control System in the software industry. Learning Git can provide you with benefits both in the software development process and in a modern workspace.

Teaches Contributing to Open Source Projects

Almost every open-source project relies on GitHub to manage the project. Organisations prefer GitHub for managing their open-source project with a wiki and issue tracker to receive the best feedback for the project. By using the GitHub web interface, you will be able to fork a project, make subtle changes, and send a pull request.

Learn Flexible Development

Learning GIT will help you achieve flexibility in various kinds of nonlinear development workflows. This would help you efficiently handle both large-scale and small-scale projects. You have can unique features of support tagging and branching operations for storing every activity in the change history.

The Workshop Gives the Opportunity to Showcase Your Work

Learning GitHub through this workshop can give you the best opportunity to showcase your work to potential recruiters. The majority of the companies seek professionals with GitHub profiles while recruiting. This workshop will build your profile and increase your chances of being recruited.

The Effective Use of Markdown

By learning how to use Markdown from this workshop, you will be able to use simple text editors for writing formatted documents. The Markdown feature in GitHub has truly revolutionised writing by channelling everything, including; issue tracker, user comments, etc. It could be a great benefit for students if they are learning various programming languages for projects. They don't have to learn to input the content for other systems.

Become a Part of Huge GitHub Community

By completing this workshop, the student gets the chance to be a part of one of the largest communities. Being a huge repository, you are able to publish your work in front of a huge community. GitHub gives a wide exposure to your projects and support from the community.

Ability to Track Minute Changes in Your Code Versions

Change is inevitable in a collaborative software development project. This workshop helps you master the GitHub repository and effectively track all the changes in the project. It is just like using Google Docs, you have the complete version history of your code, and previous versions are never lost.

Students Will Have More Options to Integrate

Learning GitHub from this workshop can help you integrate with major platforms such as Google Cloud, Amazon services, etc. Plus, it can also highlight the syntax in multiple programming languages.

Workshop Program

The LSET Git Management workshop aims to introduce managing the source code for software development projects. The industry experts will help you explore the fundamental concepts that powers version control systems and the Git framework. Learn with a step-by-step approach to learn how to install Git and gain expertise for efficient code management.

LSET Git Management Workshop Paradigm

  • Introduction to Git
  • Installation and configuration
  • Pushing project
  • Branching and merging
  • Remote repositories
  • Repository cloning
  • Pulling, fetching, and merging request
  • KPI and measurements
  • Merge conflicts
  • Configuration of Hooks

Learning Objectives

The LSET Git Management workshop is aimed to provide a brief introduction to the use of Git in software development for version control. We want students to develop practical knowledge to develop a workflow tailored to their individual needs. The practical training will help the students to understand the three-stage workflow in the Git repository. Apart from this, these are some of the learning objects of the LSET Git Management workshop;
  • LSET wants the students to learn how to configure upstream and downstream their projects effectively
  • The practical experience at the LSET workshop will enable the students to apply merging and branching concepts in their projects effectively
  • We expect the students to get proficient working with Git Projects and become more employable in the competitive market
  • LSET practical workshop help students to master the fundamentals of Git Version Control and use it in real life
  • This is an ideal workshop for beginner to intermediate software developers who want to become more industry-relevant
  • We want the students to be capable enough to deploy various Git strategies while working on a project
  • The workshop expects the students to improve their collaboration skills and productivity by learning the benefits of implementing Git