Interview Preparation Workshop

This LSET interview preparation workshop is meant to prepare our students to give better job interviews and leave a great impression. Industry experts and career coaches will be guiding you to perform better and get complete knowledge of the job market in the UK. A student can expect to get plenty of opportunities out of this workshop. The participants will be more motivated to select a prosperous career and pursue it to a rewarding job.

“Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”

Michelle Obama

Benefits of Interview Preparation Workshop

There are numerous benefits for students desiring to apply for jobs and excelling in the interviews. By taking the workshop, a student can expect the following benefits;

Gain In-Depth Knowledge of the Job Market

Joining this workshop in interview preparation will give you in-depth knowledge of the current job market in the UK. The trainers at LSET will be guiding you about the PayScale, perks, job responsibilities, top employers, potential hazards, etc. This will give students enough idea about the job they will be interviewing for.

Improvement in Communication Skills

LSET trainers will teach how to improve communication skills to leave a better impression in interview sessions. The workshop activities are meant to improve your written and verbal communication skills to give a solid start. These soft skills are very important to determine your employability at an organisation.

Develop Positive Body Language Skills

Our trainers and mentors will guide you on how your body language is everything in an interview. We will be working on a lot of factors such as facial expressions, posture, eye contact, handshakes, and other factors through this workshop. The students will learn how to avoid awkward body language and create a strong impression throughout the interview.

Polish the Analytical Skills

A job interview is easier to crack when you have excellent analytical skills. The LSET workshop will help you anticipate what’s to come, understand what the interviewer is expecting from you and personalise your answers. Analytical skills will let you dissect each question and answer it with details and enthusiasm.

Develop Presence of Mind

The workshop activities let you test your presence of mind and be prepared for unexpected questions. Students won’t be puzzled and anxious while facing challenging situations in a job interview. Their presence of mind will be grown enough to brainstorm answers from knowledge and experiences.

Work on Strong Negotiation Skills

The LSET workshop teaches students how to stay firm in a negotiation situation. Having strong negotiation skills is crucial in salary discussion and avoiding settling for a lesser package. We teach the basic rules of negotiation to handle negotiations professionally.

Improved Professionalism

Clearing any interview would require you to present yourself professionally. LSET workshop will teach you the ideal interview etiquette to emerge as a well-groomed professional and leave a good impression. We want to help the students who are scared of getting casual or chummy with the interviewers and causing a tense interview.

Build Confidence to Face Challenging Interviews

Confidence could be the primary factor in determining your success in an interview. After completing this workshop, students will be confident enough to openly discuss their education, experience, abilities, and accomplishments with interviewers. They will have a balanced and sense of confidence instead of purely boasting about themselves.

Our Workshop

The complimentary workshop is meant to provide a clear understanding of the best practices in the recruitment process and job interviews. Students who want to start searching for jobs but are not confident in giving interviews must attend this workshop.

LSET Interview Preparation Workshop Paradigm

  • Building a strong CV and portfolio
  • Building job interview skills
  • Communication skills development
  • Acting the mock interview
  • Analysis of the interview
  • Interview questions for relevant industry
  • Structuring your job search

Learning Objectives

The LSET workshop for interview preparation aims to build strong communication skills, leadership qualities, and teamwork abilities among students. You can achieve these traits by joining our workshop and learning from real mentors. These are some mentionable learning objectives that you can expect from this workshop;
  • LSET wants the students to develop a clear understanding of the best practices in the recruitment and interview process
  • We want the students to work on their interpersonal skills to leave a positive impression on the interviewers
  • Students are expected to learn to conduct company research before appearing in interviews
  • The workshop will give enough guidance to prepare for behavioural, technical, guestimates and case interviews
  • LSET will teach students how to frame answers properly and give their best in an interview
  • The students will learn how to perform well in telephonic and video interviews
  • The students will learn to apply their learned concepts in the mock interviews and get feedback