Team Building Workshop

The LSET project-based curriculum embraces the importance of team building activities in the learning experience. The complimentary workshop on team building is necessary for understanding, developing, appreciating, and maximising the people in a team. The practical workshop lets you focus on your interpersonal, collaboration, and team-building skills. The industry experts at LSET turn a group of individual learners into high-performance and effective teams.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

Michael Jordan

Benefits of Team Building Workshop

There are multiple benefits of team building in a workplace or a business. These are some of the critical benefits that participants can expect from this workshop;

The Workshop Improves Teamwork Skills

By completing the activities of this team-building workshop, the students will learn how to improve their teamwork skills and how to work together efficiently. The growing team spirit among students also makes them manage and embrace each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Develop Strong Interpersonal Skills

Students participating in the workshop will be able to form strong interpersonal skills necessary for developing high performing team. The workshop is very beneficial in breaking the communication barriers and effectively using verbal and non-verbal mediums of communication.

Build Leadership Qualities

Team-building activities require leadership qualities among individuals to lead a successful team. Our team building activities help individuals to discover leadership qualities within themselves and contribute to society.

Building Trust and Bond

Every workplace or business require bond and trust among the involved individuals. Team-building activities greatly help individuals grow trust and respect each other in a non-threatening environment. By embracing each other's strengths, weaknesses, fears, and capabilities, students can build better relationships and trust among their team members.

Boosts Morale Through the Course

A healthy and friendly team is the best way to achieve boosted morale through the certificate course. The team building activities can make the learning experience more fun and bring positivity to the day-to-day curriculum.

Induction to Real Work Culture

Any company requires individuals to work collaboratively towards a common goal. These ethics enables a company to succeed with their values and vision. Team-building activities in our workshop prepare the students to face a real work culture after completing the certificate course.

Makes the Students More Productive

Team building activities are always result-oriented and encourage the students to become productive during their certificate course. Students working together have a better sense of ownership, which ultimately leads to stronger results.

Our Workshop

LSET team-building workshop is dedicated to providing a thoughtful group process to the students. We choose a team-building activity from the given list below depending on the students and group size;
  • Fishbowl Discussion
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Barriers and Beliefs
  • After Action Review
  • Force-Field Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Trust Battery
  • Team Canvas Session
  • Low-Tech Social Network
  • Spectrum Mapping
  • Shark Tank

Features of Team Building Workshop

The LSET team-building workshop is meant to prepare tomorrow's most successful team leaders and high-performance teams. The highly interactive activities have been well-designed by considering the adult learning principles. The learners are expected to go through interactive discussions, cases, exercises, and practice sessions to make their learning experience at LSET more fulfilling. We ensure better learner engagement by making the curriculum based on real-world experience. We prepare our students with a job-oriented curriculum, from learning in the classroom to applying concepts in the job.

Learning Objectives

Our team-building workshop is meant to prepare students to become future managers and team leaders. Together, they are able to overcome team-building challenges most frequently faced in the real world. The team-building workshop helps instructors to motivate and create team unity in the learning experience. The following are some of the learning objectives of the LSET team-building workshop;
  • The students are expected to learn new critical skills for improved team planning and management
  • The team-building activities will improve the communication skills to communicate vision and strategies effectively
  • The activities are meant to engage students more in the learning experience and improve their overall productivity
  • The workshop is focused on helping the student to create better team objectives
  • LSET instructors use the proven coaching skills to build teams and focus on individual performance
  • Each student involved in the team-building workshop will be able to set clear goals
  • The workshop activities focus greatly on improving the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the students