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Paid Internship Opportunity

Paid Internship Opportunity

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One-on-One Mentorship

One-on-One Mentorship

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Career Development Support

Career Development Support

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Are you an aspiring creator in this technologically driven world? Are you looking for the correct exposure to gear your career and income? Join us on board and open up to a world of possibilities and next-generation skill training. Lead your pursuit of success in the right direction, along with students all over the world. With top-notch learning experiences in the UK and desirable courses, emerge as a skilled individual. All courses starting soon. Hurry register now!

Course Intakes
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Developing confidence through a thoughtful industry vetted curriculum


Assignments and projects that involve the implementation of concepts


The topics, peers, and pace of learning are all optimised to meet the needs of the individual.

Industry Relevant

A curriculum that is industry-tested to ensure you are job-ready

Courses with a Paid Internship Option

Kickstart your IT career with our paid internship option. Gain hands-on experience in the field of your choice. Benefit from on-the-job mentoring and guidance. Receive a certificate of completion and references to use in job applications. You will be well on your way to a successful career in the IT industry. Apply with option 3 of your chosen course and get started today.

Search For Courses

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning Course
Machine Learning
Data Science
Data Science
Cyber Security
Cyber Security
Software Development
Software Development

Choice of Study

Choose the way you like to study with London School of Emerging Technology

LSET Online Courses

Online Courses

Join our instructor led online courses from any part of the world. Get access to our comprehensive learning portal which allows you to interact with fellow students and take advantage of various free resources.
LSET On Campus Courses

On Campus Courses

Learn in the heart of London in our traditional classrooms. Our campus is scattered across London. We run our labs in co-working places so you will get to learn among the best of the class startups. An opportunity for you to get inspired.

We offer Certificate, Level 4 Diplomas, Level 5 Diplomas, Level 6 Diplomas, and BSc courses


3 months
Certificate courses are designed to be completed in 3 months and can be completed online or on campus.

Level 4 Diploma

6 months
Level 4 Diploma courses are designed to be completed in 6 months and can be completed online or on campus.

Level 5 Diploma

6 months
Level 5 Diploma courses are designed to be completed in 6 months and can be completed online or on campus.

Level 6 Diploma

6 months
Level 6 Diploma courses are designed to be completed in 6 months and can be completed online or on campus.

BSc (Hons)

12 months to 3 years
BSc (Hons) courses are designed to be completed from 12 months to 3 years and can be completed online or partially on campus.
Job Guaranteed Course
On A Mission To Make You Employable

Job Guaranteed Software Courses

The industry experts have developed LSET courses considering the industry requirements. Thus, each of the modules revolves around the job profiles of different professions. The practical learning experience, hands-on activities, and co-working opportunities make our students job-ready. We also provide a job guarantee as an add-on program that begins after our students complete an eligible certificate course. Our experts and counsellors train the students rigorously with the right knowledge and skills needed for the chosen field.

Learn More about Job Guarantee Courses

LSET Popular Courses

Preparing students for the practical reality of coding

Software Automation Testing

Software Automation Testing

Join LSET’s case-based software automation testing course to develop industry demand skills and prepare yourself for the next trend in software testing.
Software Manual Testing

Java Serverless Developer

Join LSET’s Java Serverless Developer course to explore Java language features and packages. Enhance your programming skills by learning new techniques and develop effective apps.
Full Stack Java

Full Stack Java

Join LSET’s Full Stack Java course to prepare yourself to develop enterprise-level web applications. Explore front-end, middleware, and back-end Java technologies to excel.
Java Spring Microservices

Java Spring Microservices

Join LSET’s Java Spring Microservices course to learn everything about Microservices, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud. Get a complete walkthrough of software engineering principles.
Data Science with Python

Data Science with Python

Gain hands-on Experience in Python Packages like SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib & More! Learn 360-Degree Python Implementation in the Domain of Data Science.
DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

‘DevOps’ is the amalgamation of two different methodologies, ‘development and operations.’ It is a very important development strategy required in companies to bridge the gap between software
Full Stack Python with Django

Fullstack Python with Django

Django is the most popular Python framework for web development. It's a full-stack framework and includes all the necessary features by default instead of offering them as separate libraries.
Ethical Hacking
There has been a drastic change in the world of connected devices and the way we exchange information. Today, every device or network is prone to data and hacking threats.

Preliminary Courses

Prepare yourself for the more advanced industry focused courses with these preparatory courses

Python Programming

Python Programming

Join LSET’s Python Course to start building fully functional applications with Python, SQL, and various APIs. Learn from the industry experts how to build flexible and reliable applications to face the common challenges in the software industry. Prepare yourself to be job-ready with our Python Course.
Java Programming

Java Programming

Join LSET’s task-oriented and cost-effective java Course to develop industry-relevant java development skills and prepare yourself to face real-world challenges. Experience comprehensive hands-on exercises on object-oriented programming with our world-class learning process.
Kotlin App Development

Kotlin App Development

Become an Android Developer with Jion LSET's Kotlin Android App Development Course and learn how to develop Android apps.
Scala Programming

Scala Programming

Become a Scala expert with top-rated instructors. You can become a better Scala programmer with LSET.
Node.js Certification

Node.js Certification Training

Learn NodeJS at your own pace with LSET's NodeJS course. Get started today and improve your skills in no time.

Computing: Degree Track Courses

We offer Diploma and Degree Courses

Level 4 Diploma in Computing
A Level 4 Diploma in Business Management provides learners with an excellent foundation for careers in a variety of industries. Designed to prepare learners to be independent, confident thinkers who understand business and management.
Level 4 Diploma in Computing with Business Management
It is the first year of NCC Education's degree program in computing (with business management). It is equivalent to the first year of a Business IT degree in the UK. Combining academic and vocational subjects, this course develops essential business and IT thinking skills.
Level 5 Diploma in Computing
The London School of Emerging Technology Level 5 Diploma in Computing covers a wide range of computing specialisms and is designed to help individuals work in a variety of jobs like programming, information systems management, web development, software engineering, etc.
Level 5 Diploma in Computing with Cyber Security
NCC Education Level 5 Diploma in Computing (L5DC) is regulated by Ofqual. This qualification is the second year of the NCC Education degree program. Advanced topics include database development, information systems analysis, network security, and cryptography.
Level 5 Diploma in Computing with Business Management
An Ofqual-approved qualification, the L5DC BM is offered by NCC Education. NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Computing (with Business Management) (L5DC BM) is the second year of the degree program. The course covers topics such as system analysis, information systems, and organisations.
University of Central Lancashire
NCC Education offers a BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems Top-up Degree that is validated by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). This program is designed to prepare students for employment in the information technology field.
University of Central Lancashire
Our BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Networking top-up degree is offered online by NCC Education and is a natural progression from our Level 5 Diploma in Computing with Cyber Security. A degree in this final year is awarded by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

Business: Degree Track Courses

We offer Diploma and Degree Courses

Level 4 Diploma in Business
A Level 4 Diploma in Business Management provides learners with an excellent foundation for careers in a variety of industries. Designed to prepare learners to be independent, confident thinkers who understand business and management.
Level 5 Diploma in Business
The Level 5 Diploma in Business Management develops learners' understanding of management within the context of general business operations. Students will gain a theoretical understanding of management concepts and an overview of general business.
Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management
The Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management (L6DBSM) is the third year of the NCC Education pathway. The qualification is equivalent to the final year of a Business degree at a UK university. Business Strategy and Management at Level 6 is not regulated by Ofqual.
Student Totum Card Benefit LSET

Student Discount Card

Card Benefits
  • Premium discounts (inc. Co-op Boots and Fender)
  • 300+ Student discounts (inc. Apple, ASOS and Amazon)
  • £3.00 off Co-op voucher
  • Physical TOTUM membership card
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Cashback coupons and freebies
  • Access to TOTUM app

Important Note: Once the admission has been confirmed, students must apply directly to Totum Pro to get their Totum Pro cards.

English Course
For Non-Native English Speaking Students

English for Engineers Course

Join LSET’s English for Engineers Course to become linguistically prepared for the corporate and IT world. Fill the gap in your communication skills and effectively communicate with your colleagues, clients, and seniors. Become the linguistically capable professional to leave an everlasting impression.


We use the following strategies to help you find your dream job.

Social Profile Creations

We help you create and optimise your LinkedIn profile so you will be easy to found by recruiters.

Portfolio Development

We help you to build a well-developed portfolio which will assist you to prove your technical skills.

CV Preparation

We help you to build an eye-catching and keywords-optimised CV to showcase your technical knowledge and skillsets to your prospective employer.

Mock Interviews

We arrange a series of Mock interviews to prepare you for your real-life job interview.

LSET Workshops

The Community of Talent, Excellence, and Passion

Join LSET’s workshop to learn about careers in technology, soft skills development, and tech startups. Learn how to build flexible and reliable applications that can withstand the common challenges of the software industry from industry experts. Our workshops will prepare you to be job-ready.

LSET Workshops
Soft Skills in the Workplace
Interview Tips For First-Timers
Job Application Strategy Guide

About LSET Education

Lset Shield

At LSET, we provide an amalgamation of the conventional teaching procedures and a diverse range of metamorphosed skill training. These help to instil core corporate values like entrepreneurship, liberal thinking, and rational method solving in each student.

Building skill sets and discovering solutions to real-life industry problems. The learning experience is made exciting with compact student groups, flexible study hours, and a special focus on extracurricular activities. This is a never-seen-before opportunity for anyone who wants to be prepared for this fast-paced world.

Our trained and experienced faculties are pioneers in their field of learning. We aim to provide individual attention.

Our institution has rendered tie-ups with various start-ups and established leader companies to help you cultivate communications with them for future references. A brand new opportunity to work in close proximity with the corporate world will provide your career the boost it really needs.

Benefits of Studying at LSET

Unlocking Your Future: How Studying at LSET Can Transform Your Life

Practical and job oriented courses

Hands-on experience at the coworking learning environment

Latest updated and relevant curriculum

Learn from industry experts

Project-based learning

Small batches for individual attention

Peer-to-peer interaction

Career guidance

Next-Gen Education

Next-Gen Education

At LSET, we are rendering next-generation education, with newly developed on-site technical skill training programs.

International Hub

International Hub

We are providing a bunch of benefits and opportunities for overseas students to stand out and make the best out of their careers.

Professional Induction

Professional Induction

Short-term courses for students, focusing on developing entrepreneurial mindset and practical exposure.



With innovative courses and special focus on extra-curricular activities, LSET aims to polish student’s overall development.


You can learn programming in your preferred coding language at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Agile Project Management
  • Manual & Automation Testing
  • Machine Learning
  • Java Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Spring Microservices
  • Git Management
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Data Science
  • And Many More...

Video of LSET

Learn about LSET, your next-generation software and business school in London. Indulge in the future.

Small Class Sizes

Why prefer the London School of Emerging Technology?

Are you looking to gain practical, corporate, and entrepreneurial exposure? Well, here at LSET, we challenge the traditional form of classroom learning without compromising knowledge. A brand new venture to get students up and going towards their dream career.

Our schedule gives students the flexibility to study at their own pace and take out time for extra curriculum activities and practical skill training. Here, your ideas, choices, and problems will always be heard.

Complete your education and induction in the most innovative way with maximized exposure to the corporate world and real-life challenges. We prepare our students, so they are ready to welcome career opportunities.

We have also created numerous benefits for international students Your ambitions of learning abroad are knocking at your doors… take the first step and get your hands on first-degree teaching and skill training.

Want more insights on other benefits?

Contact us


Bored of studying topics in your curriculum that you don’t want to? We’re here to help you out. At LSET, flaunt your technical skills with a brand new, flexible education system.

We provide a range of flexible courses and exchange programs that provide you with relevant knowledge and give you time for extra curriculum activities and gain practical experience.

The aim is to focus on the overall development of students. Our goal is to challenge the traditional education system that only focused on classroom teaching and theoretical knowledge.

Get a chance to enroll in absolute goal-based and employability geared courses. Get hands-on experience of working closely with startups and industry experts. Flexibility is crucial to enable students from getting the industrial exposure to get themselves ready to face the real world.

Small Class Sizes

With small batches under numerous supervisors, individual relations are given top priority. We envision providing our students with the most out of their curriculum. A small class size encourages students to be more dedicated to their courses.

Also, the faculty can provide individual attention to all the students and facilitate debates and discussions to make the most out of the whole learning experience.

Compact batches allow students to represent their opinions freely, and productive discussion can quickly occur during lectures. It helps in reducing disruption and also in student networking.

LSET aims to build an active community with skill-sets equally optimized as their theories with a far-fetched vision.


Located ideally on the hem of London’s business and technological hub, LSET is aims to provide students with a learning experience like never before. Our focus is on fulfilling dreams of learning abroad with fruitful real-world exposure.

Students can freely explore the city of London and gain immense exposure to the rich cultural diversity. There are more international students studying in London than in any other city in the world.

Students can freely explore museums, art galleries, theatres, and tons of green parks. Being in the most powerful city will give you professional growth. If you’re not in London, you’re not in London.

Certificate Programs

Certification programs run for 3 months. Students not only get certified but also get to work with industry professionals. We train our students on the latest technologies and provide them with the best opportunities to enhance their knowledge for a better career. After completing this program, students may opt for the advanced certificate program, enhancing their chances of landing a higher-paying job.

Student Benefits

The students are given exclusive benefits, including a free Totem student card, IET Student membership, free discounts on events, discounts on fitness centres and sports facilities. Students are always given world-class service with the practical learning experience at the London School of Emerging Technology.


LSET provides scholarship options to talented and deserving students from the UK and around the world. We believe that every deserving student should be given equal opportunities irrespective of their race, religion, caste, disability, sexual orientation, or language. Our administrators have developed special scholarship options for single mothers, widows, and the disabled. LSET is inviting scholarship applicants from around the world.

For Corporates

Enhance your team's performance and productivity by providing them with new skills.

Corporate Training

  • Curriculum customised to meet the specific needs of your team
  • Delivery of training through self-paced videos, live instructor-led training online, or on-premises at LSET or your office
  • The course includes slides, demonstrations, exercises, and answer keys
  • A complete guide to obtaining certification
  • Demonstration and discussion of industry-specific use cases

Personal Development

We at LSET are committed to ensuring that our students achieve a holistic level of development. We encourage our students to participate in various workshops, events, and programs. These activities help students develop non-academic skills such as critical thinking, creativity, team spirit, problem-solving and communication skills.

Upcoming Events


Conflict Management

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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