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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the primary platform for business cloud computing, and the need for AWS specialists is expected to increase rapidly over the next decade. An AWS Solutions Architect develops, creates, delivers, and handles business applications and essential infrastructure within the AWS Cloud. They have the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them in designing and developing innovative cloud-based solutions and migrating existing workloads to the cloud.

The AWS Solution Architect is in charge of deploying and managing PaaS and SaaS enterprise applications hosted on cloud infrastructure for development, QA, staging, and production environments. They manage cloud infrastructures by security standards. They also create a script library to automate cloud environments and identify and create solutions to present organisational difficulties. The AWS Solution Architect assists developers and DevOps teams in implementing automation scripts as per organisational requirements.

Key Responsibilities And Duties

  • Architecting, constructing, and managing the organisation's cost-effective, scalable cloud infrastructures.
  • Understanding the company's business objectives and developing cloud-based solutions to help those aims.
  • Moving antiquated systems to the cloud to improve organisational efficiency - also known as digital transformation.
  • Preventing downtime and security breaches by keeping cloud environments safe and assessing the risk of using third-party systems or frameworks
  • Looking for methods to improve corporate operations by digitising regular chores. Internal cloud application design, development, and maintenance for the enterprise.
  • Keeping up to speed on cloud computing best practices and making changes to their company's or organisation's cloud infrastructure.
  • Interacting with internal teams such as Sales, Operations, and IT. Communicate with stakeholders and create apps to fit the demands of the project.
  • Making hardware and software suggestions for the organisation based on the project's and the organisation's needs.

Experience Required

With the appropriate Associate qualification, you can earn an entry-level career as an AWS Solutions Architect. Senior employment as an AWS Solutions Architect typically needs 2 to 5 years of hands-on experience developing and creating cloud solutions, as well as certification as an AWS Professional Solutions Architect. You will be deploying, building, designing, and maintaining business applications inside the AWS cloud. If you have a true interest in cloud computing and programming, this is a wonderful location to begin your career. You might expect rapid career growth if you have the right coaching from the outset.

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Skills Required

  • Good communication skills to handle the organisation's commercial problems while creating and building user-friendly solutions necessitate great communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Passion for problem-solving and analysis. Solution Architects tackle business challenges by utilising software and hardware. Designing and creating cloud infrastructure and apps takes more than just technical skills.
  • Information technology professionals must be able to collaborate with colleagues in their departments as well as those in other departments around the business. Working as a cohesive unit makes activities flow more smoothly, deciding project success.
  • Understanding of the DevOps approach and the life cycle familiarity of DevOps technologies, such as GitHub Knowledge of scripting/programming languages.

Qualification Required

  • Candidate must have Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Economics or Technical Specialty or the same field.
  • A minimum of 1-2 years of relevant IT, sales, or project management experience, ideally in software development and/or application support.
  • Familiarity with broad IT industry dynamics, as well as the most recent technological breakthroughs, such as Cloud and Security subjects. Excellent communication, analytical, and interpersonal abilities.

Expected Salary

In the United Kingdom, the national average income for a Junior AWS Solution Architect is £37,110 - £49,000. Your skillset, experience and the company itself will all play a role in determining your pay. However, if you work in a collaborative environment where your talents are recognised, you may expect quick career progression with a better pay scale and benefits. To achieve a lot in a short period, you must be enthusiastic about what you are doing. As a result, you must acquire personal skills in addition to technical ability.

Career Progression

The post of Junior Solution Architect provides a chance to transition or begin your career in the IT sales support process. The Junior Solution Architect assists the sales team in translating customer requirements into an IT solution. They will be critical in assisting lead Solution Architects with cost calculations, effort estimations, project and team planning, risk analysis, and a variety of other duties associated with solution preparation.
  • Active collaboration with other architects, developers, finance, legal, and sales departments.
  • Standard process methodologies, tools, deliverables, and knowledgebase are used.
  • Estimation of effort and timeframe planning
  • Costs related to project execution activities are being calculated.

How Can LSET Training Help You With This Job?

An AWS solution architect has to be very familiar with the current IT industry trends and the most recent technological breakthroughs, including cloud and security issues. The LSET Java Serverless Cloud certification course can take your career to the next level by teaching cloud technologies and developing event-driven, microservices-based applications on the AWS cloud. This course will help you learn AWS Lambda concepts, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), etc. We teach with a project-based curriculum that enables you to optimise performance, achieve application resilience, and keep control of cost. To develop your soft skills after the course, you can also take our workshops in Git Management, Agile Project Management, Team Building, Personality Development, and Interview Preparation.