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Cloud computing was once considered a buzzword, but as of this year, more than 88 per cent of organizations that responded to the O'Reilly Cloud Adoption survey reported using some kind of cloud computing services, ranging from databases, analytics, servers, and even software delivered over the Internet. By 2025, it is expected that 80 per cent of organizations will have fully migrated to the cloud. AWS is a well-known cloud provider with over 175 cloud applications, ranging from simple S3 storage to complex autonomous vehicles. While AI applications delivered through the cloud are intriguing, the vast majority of businesses that employ cloud services do so for networking and storage. It's an excellent moment to consider a career in cloud development. Cloud developers are in high demand, and as more businesses use cloud computing services, cloud computing talents will become even more desirable.

Key Responsibilities And Duties

  • Identifying the best cloud architectural methods to support apps
  • Automating several stages of the development process
  • Using APIs and understanding the application life cycle
  • Writing code for server-less applications using their programming skills
  • Cloud application development and deployment
  • Moving the organization's on-premise applications to the cloud
  • Continuing to use cloud services and putting cost-cutting measures in place
  • Identifying and deploying suitable cloud services to support cloud-based applications

Experience Required

The majority of cloud developers have at least two years of experience producing software and websites. Also, you should have past experience with system monitoring and auditing. Gaining expertise via hands-on work is the greatest way for a cloud developer to progress. If you want to work as a cloud developer, this is an excellent place to start. With adequate supervision from the start, you may expect quick professional growth.

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Skills Required

  • Knowledge of the Linux/UNIX operating system
  • Complete understanding of a cloud platform, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • Solid programming skills in one of the following programming languages: Python, Java, GO, R, Clojure
  • You should also have past experience with system monitoring and auditing.
  • Understand DevOps approach and tools such as Puppet, Chef, Git, Docker, and others.
  • APIs and web services must be thoroughly understood.
  • Learning a database language like SQL, MySQL, or MongoDB can increase your worth to a potential job.
  • Creating cloud-based apps that are both scalable and accessible
  • Adding vendor-specific cloud services

Qualification Required

  • At least one programming language proficiency is required, as well as knowledge of software development and database principles.
  • A minimum of two years experience developing software and websites
  • Good understanding of fundamentals of cloud infrastructure and Network abilities
  • Fundamental understanding of technology such as hypervisors and data visualisation
  • Work on cloud-specific projects to obtain hands-on knowledge.

Expected Salary

It is estimated that the average gross pay for cloud developers in the United Kingdom is £25,544 per year or £12.50 per hour. Additionally, they receive an average bonus of £370. In the United Kingdom, salary estimates are based on data collected from employers and anonymous employees. An entry-level developer (with 1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of £19,230. The average pay for a senior developer (8+ years of experience) is $30,768. The Cloud Developer certification provides you with an opportunity to gain an understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform. Using the Google Cloud Platform, you will develop, design, and launch fantastic solutions.

Career Progression

The term cloud computing has long been considered a buzzword, but according to the O'Reilly Cloud Adoption survey this year, more than 88% of organizations have adopted some type of cloud computing service, including databases, analytics, servers, and even software delivered over the Internet. AWS is one of the most well-known cloud providers with over 175 cloud computing applications ranging from simple S3 storage to complex autonomous vehicles. The demand for cloud computing developers is high, and as more businesses use cloud computing services, the demand for cloud computing talents will increase.

How Can LSET Training Help You With This Job?

Cloud developers have a lot of responsibilities while working in an organisation. Plus, they have to constantly upgrade their skills with the changing trends in the market. A Java Serverless Cloud from LSET could be the best thing to learn cloud computing with a project-based curriculum and capstone project. We cover the most innovative technologies such as AWS Lamda, AWS S3, AWS SNS, and AWS SQS. You will get complete hands-on experience with developing serverless applications and learn serverless architecture and patterns. Our industry experts will teach you about logging and monitoring cloud services. We also prepare you with hands-on workshops, interview preparation, CV preparation, and personality development.