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The Schools in LSET opens up a world of new possibilities and next-generation skill training. We enable the students to pursuit of success in the right direction of technology or business. Our administration and trainers are dedicated to teaching technology and business in the most simple, efficient, and practical manner by leveraging the most innovative teaching method and project-based learning. Creativity and original ideas are always encouraged at LSET because we understand that the competitive world requires innovation.

The curriculum has been strategically designed that we focus on both professional skill development as well as interpersonal skill development. The LSET students also get the opportunity to work in co-working environments and get the chance to experience the taste of the corporate world and real-world challenges. Experienced professionals in the relevant industry will provide the students with career guidance for the future.

LSET offers programs in two disciplines, School of Computing and School of Business Management. Both schools offer various courses where you can polish your expertise. The highly qualified and professional instructors make the learning experience interesting, student-friendly, innovative, comprehensive, and practical. The project-based learning approach meets the industry requirements and makes the students employable as soon as they complete the course. Students will greatly benefit from flexible learning hours, small study groups, and group projects. These facilities will provide you with a sufficient amount of time for self-study, give you the platform to showcase your creative ideas, and also improve your personality.

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The LSET School of Computing is ideal for those who know that technology is the future of the humankind and wish to make a career in it. Even if you are starting from scratch, our technical courses and instructors will help you catch up with today’s technology and prepare you to join the workforce. We have included hot subjects in our curriculum that are the most demanded ones in today’s date and have a lot of career opportunities.

Our curriculum includes software engineering, mobile technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, web design and development and digital marketing at present. Provided by LSET, these courses are made available for distance learning as well. Our learned and experienced instructors will be available to guide you throughout your course and help you grow. We focus on the fundamentals of various technologies, and through that, our learning process metamorphoses into complex and advanced concepts. By using the most innovative learning methods, we keep you engaged, active, and push you to breakthrough and get better in various skills required for these courses.

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Business Management

The LSET School of Business Management is ideal for people who have ambitions for management, business activities, and the corporate world. This is the right practical platform to sharpen their management skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership skills. This school’s courses have been strategically designed to let you learn and explore various management activities ranging from organising, planning and strategising your business activities to business analysis, business technology, accounting, and financing.

We give more emphasis on the practical learning experience by giving you the opportunity to work in a real-time business environment. Our instructors are focused on providing you with an innovative and interactive learning experience. It gives you the best scope of self-development and career prospects.