Creating a balanced interview whereby you are also interviewing the HR person or hiring manager, common issues/mistakes, asking the right type of questions etc.

Advanced Interview Preparation

Workshop Information

This advanced interview techniques workshop is aimed to help job seekers to take their interview skills to the next level. Our trainers will guide the students to have the best first interactions with HR recruiters, managers, senior executives and CEOs. The participants will go through strict checklists and job aids to make sure that they are capable of sitting in interviews with full confidence. We will provide hands-on exercises through case studies, quizzes, and even role-play exercises. This enables the candidates to experience the challenging situations faced during real interviews. Ultimately, they will also polish their communication skills to leave better impressions.

Advanced Interview preparation

Workshop Has Ended

This LSET career-oriented workshop is focused on providing hands-on training with advanced interview techniques. As a career-minded IT professional, you will learn to identify the underlying meaning of questions asked in the interviews. This would help to improve your answer and personalised them accordingly. The right guidance from the instructors will enable the candidates to effectively use advanced communication frameworks to structure the answers from the interviews.

There will be mockup interviews which will be very helpful in teaching the importance of body language, appropriate clothing, resume preparation, and communication skills. This would give a comprehensive experience of the real interview process. We will be working on negotiation skills that will help the candidates get the best possible package. The students will be well acquainted with the personality, experience, accomplishments, skills, and knowledge preferred by the interviewers. We will also work on your research skills to help you find the most suitable organisation and position.

During the mock interview, we will practice aloud, prepare for the tough questions, and also find what can possibly set you apart from other candidates. This will also help you realize the importance of small talk and answering precisely without uttering anything extra. We are also going to work on your enthusiasm and passion by helping you to remain calm during the interview. After completing the mock interviews, you will become more confident, and able to be yourself and monitor your body language.

We will be discussing both situational and open-ended questions to give you a better understanding of the commonly asked questions in the interviews. This would help students to summarise the key points and express appreciation. Students who have difficulty with confidence will be provided with individual attention to improve their first impression, professional tone, and ability to address any negative issues.

After completing the workshop, the students will be confident enough to make a clear connection between their previous experiences, projects, and education qualifications. Feedback will be given to each student, which will help them to overcome their weaknesses and perform better in the interview. The live mockup interview is aimed to provide the perfect demonstration of the interview process in the big corporate giants. Technical questions will be given special consideration throughout the workshop to prepare the candidates for even some of the trickiest interviews. LSET is providing hands-on training to provide the best practical exposure to interviews.