Prioritising which companies to apply to, much better to send 10 amazing applications than 30 okay ones, how to create an amazing and tailored application etc.

Job Application Strategy

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This career workshop includes a variety of career and job application strategies to assist you in moving forward in your career. Only a few smart people can successfully apply, get an interview, and get a job in today’s competitive and network-driven job market. This workshop will provide students with career development and/or employment information, assisting them in making a smooth transition from being a student to a career professional. They will leave this workshop with new skills and tools to create the perfect tailored job applications and leave a better impression on the employers.

Job Application Strategy Guide

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This career workshop will provide a variety of job application writing strategies to help you advance in your career. In today’s competitive and network-driven job market, only a few people can successfully apply, receive an interview, and secure a job. This hands-on workshop is important for students to learn the process of drafting professional resumes and applications.

Students will leave this workshop with skills and resources to assist them in getting work, including how to create a cover letter, which parts to include in a resume and the difference between a resume and a CV. Our expert will present an overview of the interview process, including crucial strategies for efficiently preparing for an interview and answering difficult interview questions.

Based on their skillset, the students will finally learn how to prioritise specific companies while hunting for jobs. The support provided in the workshop will not only benefit the students in their immediate job search goals but will equip them with lifelong knowledge on how to navigate through any hiring process.

The LSET instructor will work one on one with the students and personally evaluate their resumes. Furthermore, they will be given immediate expert feedback to improve the areas that may require improvements. This will further help them discover their skills and accomplishments. Ultimately, they will learn the process of writing effective CVs that are more relevant and impactful. This will include customising their resumes according to each application. The highly skilled and experienced facilitators will be guiding the students throughout the process to develop better job searching strategies and resume drafting skills. The students will become more presentable and impressive in front of the recruiters.

There will be a comprehensive tour of the job market in Europe. This will help the students to learn the hiring processes of different companies and also develop negotiation skills to get the best possible package. It will be more effective for them to navigate through job boards, search for new job openings, and successfully master the online job application process. They also gain the guidance of managing professional networking accounts on LinkedIn to build strong connections and open up better job prospects. Personalised attention will be provided to the students to become practical and gain up-to-date job market information. Ultimately, students completing this workshop will have more confidence and assurance to apply for better jobs with a strong resume and portfolio.