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Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Development, Cryptocurrency, Alexa Development, Internet of Things, Computing Power, Blockchain, Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes etc.

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Keeping up with the ever-evolving digital landscape? Look no further! Our Technology Workshop Series equips you with the knowledge and expertise you need to thrive. We cover a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and trends for beginners and professionals alike. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and cybersecurity - we've got you covered. With our workshops, you will not only learn concepts but also gain practical experience. These sessions provide valuable insights, industry best practices, and real-world examples. Don't miss this opportunity to upskill and future-proof your career. We're offering a Technology Workshop Series to help you unlock your full potential.
Breaking Monolith to Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

Breaking Monolith to Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

Unleashing the Power of Docker and Kubernetes: Breaking the Monolith into Microservices

Monolithic architectures have historically been challenging to scale. It becomes increasingly difficult to update and maintain an application as its code base grows. It becomes extremely difficult to introduce new features, languages, frameworks, and technologies. This limits innovation and new ideas. Developers must make large-scale changes to the entire codebase to implement new features, making the process time-consuming and complex. This can lead to bugs and security vulnerabilities. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to microservices architectures to solve these problems.

  • Understand the benefits of microservices architecture over a monolithic architecture
  • Learn how to containerize applications using Docker
  • Gain hands-on experience in deploying and managing containers with Kubernetes
  • Explore strategies for breaking down a monolithic application into microservices
  • Understand best practices for designing and implementing microservices
  • Date: 06th July 2023
  • Time: 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Location: 1 Cornhill, London