In-demand skills for Python Developers

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In-demand skills for Python Developers

Today, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Moreover, learning Python can also bring some of the most promising career opportunities as well. In fact, this programming language is preferred for developing high-performance applications in various industries.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the more in-demand skills for Python developers and how you can secure a high-paying job.

Before exploring the skills needed, let’s learn who a Python developer is.

What is a Python Developer?

Learning the Python programming language opens up many career opportunities such as software developer, data scientist, web developer, and business analyst. However, a dedicated Python developer has to become proficient in the programming language and must be able to accomplish various tasks.

These tasks include data analytics and collection, web development, web design, database creation, automation, and scripting. Today, the Python programming language has been used in web development, AI, machine learning, scientific computing, and academic research. The emerging popularity of Python is also the direct growth of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Top organizations like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Spotify are using Python programming language to create their robust back-end services.

Job Responsibilities of a Python Developer

There could be a huge variety of responsibilities for a Python developer. As a Python developer, you have will see job descriptions stating the following responsibilities;

  • Designing and developing effective applications and websites
  • Writing highly testable, reusable, and efficient code in Python
  • Integrating data storage solutions to various systems
  • Developing integrative systems
  • Understanding end-user requirements and creating user-facing elements of applications
The Most In-Demand Skills for Python Developers
Proficiency in Core Python

There Python developer must be having proficiency and years of experience with the core concepts of the Python programming language. These are some of the most important core concepts that you must learn:

  • Data Structures
  • Exception Handling
  • OOPs Concepts
  • Data types and variables
  • File handling concepts
  • Iterators
  • Generators
Experience with the Python Web Frameworks

If you aspire to become a proficient Python developer, then it is very important to learn popular Python web frameworks like Django and Flask. These micro web frameworks are widely used for developing innovative applications. Django is known for having a practical, clean, and functional design. Therefore, you will need to have proficiency in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. A Fullstack Python course from a prominent educational institution can help you master these web frameworks with ease.

Object Relational Mappers

Developers prefer using an object-oriented programming language to convert the data between two systems that are not compatible, this technique is known as Object Relational Mapper (ORM). Therefore, you must learn this to easily create a virtual object database and customize the ORM tools.

Learning Data Science Skills 

Data Science is becoming a hot job for many professionals around the world. In fact, you can also become an expert data scientist by learning the following concepts;

  • Expertise with SQL 
  • Experience with Python packages such as MatPlotib, Scikit learn, MumPy, etc. 
  • Analyzing and cleaning up data 
  • Visualization of big data 
  • Mathematical abilities 
  • Deep knowledge of statistics 
  • Experience and knowledge of probability 
  • Data wrangling
Basics of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A Python developer aspiring to start a career in data science should have a decent knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, data scientists have to work with machine learning algorithms to process huge sets of data with ease. Moreover, having a strong grasp of neural networks, data insights and visualization, data analysis, and data collection will be an added advantage.

Explore Deep Learning 

This concept also comes under the field of Data Science. Therefore, if you want to become a successful data scientist, you must gain a clear understanding of neural network architecture and deep learning. Studying Deep Learning is also possible when you have gained sufficient knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These are the most important aspects of Deep Learning;

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) 
  • Video Processing
  • Audio Processing
Experience with Multi-Process Architecture

Developing digital products requires Python developers to have experience with release and deployment codes.Developers should also be knowledgeable about deploying the product, since the design engineer usually does it.As a developer, you must learn Model View Template and Model View Controller Architecture in order to solve programming problems in the core framework.

Impeccable Analytical Skills 

Being a Python developer or a data scientist, it is very important to have excellent analytical skills. Having proficiency in this skillset will give you a great advantage in building effective websites, and applications, visualizing datasets, optimising machine learning algorithms, writing reusable code, and more. Lastly, building good analytical skills will give you a clear advantage over other Python professionals in the market. Pursuing a Fullstack with Django certificate course can greatly help you improve your analytical skills.

A Good Hand in Designing Skills 

You will need decent designing skills as a Python developer.These skills will be very useful in designing scalable products with Python. Interactive frameworks like Django or Flask could be used by Python developers for creating websites and applications. Thus, we can say that Python can be both a server-side and client-side programming language.

Impeccable Communication Skills 

The top employers often search for Python professionals with top-notch communication skills. In fact, communication skills have become very important in today’s dynamic and competitive IT world. During peer code reviews and when contributing to a team, you need to be extremely proficient at communicating. It is also crucial that you have good communication skills in order to communicate your thoughts and resolve problems with your colleagues.

Version Control 

When you are developing a website or an application, you will need to make multiple changes to the source code. Thus, it becomes really important for the development team to keep a track of every change in the code. For this reason, version control systems like GitHub were introduced to easily monitor the changes. You must have a clear understanding of terms like ‘pull, commit, push, fork’ while working with version control systems. By learning version control, you will be able to easily handle different versions of codes and track alterations.

Knowledge of Front-End Technologies 

Despite the fact that you will be working with the server-side of the application, having a working knowledge of front-end technologies is also crucial. Ideally, the client-side and server-side teams should work together to ensure that the client-side and server-side are in sync.

To create an appealing application and website, developers should be familiar with the possibilities and limitations of front-end technologies. Some of the main projects might also benefit from the knowledge and experience of front-end technologies.

Career Paths After Learning Python Programming Language 

These are some of the most prominent career options that you can take after learning the Python programming language. However, it is advisable to pursue a Python certificate course from a prominent educational institute to get job ready.

Data Scientist 
Data Science is believed to be one of the hottest industries right now. The need for data scientists is expected to skyrocket in the next five years. The goal of a data scientist is to identify patterns in enormous amounts of data using the utmost knowledge of computer science, mathematics, and statistics.Web Developer 

This is a more traditional job role which will never see a low demand. These developers have to develop websites with the help of Python libraries, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Machine Learning Engineer 

These professionals have to work with numerical data, time-series data, categorical data, and texts to develop machine learning algorithms. They basically help machines to learn and predict future inputs.

Test Automation Engineer 

Testing professionals design, develop, stimulate, and implement testing processes.In the process of testing a product, automation saves a great deal of time and effort.


Since Python is a very popular programming language, becoming an educator also provides tons of lucrative opportunities.

Learning Python with a Certificate Course

There might be diverse career options available after learning the Python programming language. However, it becomes hard for people to become job ready from day one. For this reason, pursuing a Fullstack with Django certificate course from LSET could be a great option for your career. 

Our comprehensive Python training covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Python, and Django. Plus, there are plenty of complimentary career workshops that prepare individuals for jobs and soft skill development. We have made the curriculum highly practical and interactive with a project-based learning approach. The students of our certificate course are able to receive practical training from industry experts. Ultimately, this helps them to develop job-ready skills and stand a good chance against the competition. Completing the course provides a gateway to diverse career options where they can grow.

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