Jobs You Can Get After a Python Certification Course

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Jobs You Can Get After a Python Certification Course

Today, Python has become one of the most prominent programming languages in the job market. Learning Python could offer you some of the most promising and diverse career opportunities. The demand for skilled Python professionals is also increasing every year.

The Use of Python 

Python is being used in various areas, including web development, application development, testing, scriptwriting, and more. People prefer this high-level programming language for its more concise codes, easier readability, automatic memory management, etc. This creates a huge demand in the industry for talented individuals who can work with Python. Pursuing the best Python certification course or a Python Bootcamp can open lucrative career opportunities for you. 

Career in Python 

The exact profession and responsibilities will depend on the requirements of the employer and the type of industry. Professionals often work independently despite being hired by an organisation due to the huge opportunities. Python programming is widely used for web development, scientific computation processing, artificial intelligence, and academic work. Top organisations like Google, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, and others utilise this language for their applications. Expertise in Python can make you suitable for various designations such as Python Developer, Data Scientist, and Machine Learning Engineer. You will find that a wide range of occupations requires Python programming skills. 

These are some of the most prominent jobs you can get after a Python certification course: 

Python Developer 

Python developers have to work with the server-side to write logic or support the platform. They usually have the responsibility of developing back-end components, connecting the application with third-party web services, and supporting the developers. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of object-relational mapping, Python programming, and experience with server-side logic. A Python Bootcamp can help you start your journey as a Python developer. You can expect an amazing package if you are able to acquire high-end knowledge about Python. 

Python Web Developer 

Python web developers are responsible for working with the back-end and front-end development of websites. They have to keep the website up to date in a synergetic environment. Their main focus is on the development of the server-side logic to ensure responsiveness and high performance to fetch requests from the front-end. Plus, you will also need to integrate the front-end elements into the application with full effect. 

Product Manager 

Product managers have to search for new features, discover new gaps in the emerging markets, and prove why new products should be built. In this job position, data management plays a major role. Companies are looking for skilled product managers who also have expertise in Python. The individuals in this position have to talk with users and derive valuable insights from data sets. 

Data Analyst 

Today, businesses take data to drive decisions to minimise losses and improve profits. A data analyst has become a very popular job role for people who are good at working with large sets of data. These professionals are skilled in Python and use Python libraries such as Pandas, SciPy, etc. They use automated tools for extracting data from primary and secondary sources. Having a background in mathematics, computer science, statistics, or economics is beneficial for data analysts. Data analysts are desired in various industries such as finance, healthcare, automobile, and retail. 

Machine Learning Engineer 

Jobs in AI and Machine Learning have drastically increased over the past couple of years. Interestingly, Python is the preferred programming language to work with Machine learning. Thus, you have more chances of getting hired if you have learned Python programming properly. As a machine learning engineer, you have to build and train machines, programs, and computers to apply their learnings to predict things.

Python Educator 

Since Python is a hugely popular programming language, you won’t find a scarcity of students who want to learn Python. Becoming a computer science trainer could be a great idea for a never-ending career path. There are plenty of universities, schools, and institutes that have their coding courses and bootcamps. You can either teach face to face or use online tutoring platforms. The market’s growing demand for language has made this career path very lucrative and progressive.  

Python Data Scientist 

Data scientists are required to analyse and interpret huge sets of data from various sources and derive meaningful insights. They also have to work with data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, and statistical tools. Businesses require these professionals with the perfect combination of technical, analytical, and communication skills. Data scientists are usually found in industries such as finance, scientific research, academia, health, retail, information technology, eCommerce, and government. They can use the extensive features of Python to manage the data more accurately. Data Scientists fall among the highest-paid employees around the globe. 

DevOps Engineer 

DevOps engineers combine coding and engineering knowledge to monitor code releases and work with IT staff and developers. This professional greatly improves productivity in a workplace by creating or implementing systems software for analysing data. They have in-depth knowledge of various automation tools and the entire software development cycle. 

Python Research Analyst 

These professionals have expertise in gathering, analysing, and working with huge chunks of data to enhance efficiency, profits and reduce risks for companies. They have to present their findings and data in an understandable format so that the business leaders can take business decisions. The valuable insights given by them to the businesses provide a competitive advantage in the market.

Quality Assurance Engineer 

These professionals are specialists in analysing the quality of specifications and technical documentation. Quality Assurance Engineers provide timely and relevant feedback to ensure that the quality of the product remains top-notch without any compromise. In their day to day tasks, they have to strategically plan for quality management, testing and implementing their findings. These professionals don’t have to build any software, but they have to dedicate their time to testing it. Individuals with Python certification are given preference for this job designation. 

Future Professions with Python 

The future of the Python programming language seems bright since most businesses are adopting the language. Plus, the amalgamation of new technologies to Python makes it future proof as well. Using Python gives a competitive edge over other languages because of its huge capabilities. It is predicted that the language will grow at an astonishing rate in artificial intelligence, data science, big data, and networking. Some of the jobs in Python will require you to develop other crucial skills as well. Apart from regular jobs, there are tons of freelancer opportunities if you have completed a Python certification course. Having Python skills mentioned in your resume makes you more employable and gives you a higher pay scale than learning other languages. 

Learning Python at LSET 

Python bootcamps and certification courses at LSET are the best way to learn Python. You can learn from the industry experts in a practical learning experience with tons of hands-on activities. The courses are suitable for both students and working professionals to fast-track their careers in Python development.

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