What is the Role of JavaScript in Web Designing?

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What is the Role of JavaScript in Web Designing

Even after 20 years of its initial release, JavaScript remains the prominent programming language for web development. It is estimated that more than 94% of all websites use JavaScript. It is a client-side programming language that lets web developers make Web Application Development smoother and dynamic. We can implement complex features on web pages instead of displaying just static information by using JavaScript. Developers utilise JavaScript for displaying timely content updates, animated 2D/3D graphics, interactive maps, jukeboxes, scrolling videos, etc. Apart from HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the third layer that plays an important role in web designing. 

Three Layers of Web Development and Designing 

HyperText Mark-up Language is used for structuring and organising the web content. For example, we can use HTML to define the headings, paragraphs or include pictures in the webpage. 

Cascading Style Sheets is another language used in web designing and for adding styling to the HTML code. For example, we can use CSS to determine the background fonts and colours and distribute the content into multiple columns. 

JavaScript is a scripting language that allows us to develop dynamically updating content on a website. By using this language, we can do pretty much everything, including animating images, controlling multimedia, and more. 

Importance of JavaScript

There are various reasons developers consider JavaScript an important language for web development and designing. These are the most notable reasons; 

Famous as the Most Popular Language
JavaScript is essentially the most popular programming language among developers. It is being used for developing various applications and provides a massive scope in the future. The industry considers it as a highly demanded skill that professionals should possess. 

Easy to Learn
Getting started with JavaScript is a lot easier than other programming languages. There’s no need to install any program on your system; you can directly start using JavaScript on a web browser. 

Fun to Work
You might get stressed while working with several programs on some programming languages. In JavaScript, you are able to face the same critical problems with the help of a graphical UI. Work becomes more fun-worthy when using this language for development projects. 

Very Supportive Language
JavaScript remains an open-source programming language. It has a huge community of support teams to help you with any problem that you might encounter during the development phase. Plus, the community often organises occasional meetups related to JavaScript, which might help you to learn better. 

Debugging is Lot Easier
As mentioned before, working with JavaScript is a fun experience. The debugging part is also relatively fun and enjoyable. You can conduct the testing process directly on a web browser without installing any additional tool. We can continuously experiment and make changes to our project easily. 

The use of JavaScript in Web Development    

Web developers extensively use JavaScript for creating numerous web applications with interactive features. The majority of web browsers support JavaScript; this enables the developers to showcase dynamic content on web pages beautifully. Being the most popular CMS, WordPress also requires the developers to have significant knowledge of JavaScript for optimum WordPress development. Having good JavaScript skills can help developers create robust and scalable applications. Thus, it is necessary to learn JavaScript from the beginning if you are planning to become a WordPress developer. 

These are some crucial tips and advantages to make working with JavaScript a lot easier: 

Learn the Basics of JavaScript 

Going through the basics of JavaScript becomes necessary if you want to gain the skills to become a JavaScript web developer. A Java training and certification might help you gain expertise over the language in a short period of time. 

Work with the Right JavaScript Framework 

Gaining the basic knowledge of various JavaScript frameworks have become necessary for effective web development. These are some of the most popular frameworks: 

  • ReactJS
  • Angular 
  • Vue.js
  • Ember.js

Using the right JavaScript framework makes it possible to develop JavaScript applications quickly. Sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required if you want to become an active WordPress developer. Multiple JavaScript frameworks depend on whether you work on the front-end or back-end development. A java certification course can help you learn better about these frameworks. 

Gaining Proficiency in JavaScript 

It is possible to start WordPress development with little knowledge of JavaScript. However, gaining proficiency in JavaScript will help you develop user-friendly web applications and make you more employable. Learning JavaScript is a great option for individuals aspiring to become WordPress developers. 

JavaScript is Compatible with Multiple Web Browsers 

JavaScript is well supported by popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc. Thus, JavaScript makes it possible for users to easily access the interactive web content from almost any web browser. It is possible to enable JavaScript language if it has been disabled in the web browser. Thus, JavaScript ensures that the user enjoys each and every functionality of the website. 

Tons of JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

It becomes incredibly easy for web developers to develop large JavaScript web applications using tons of available frameworks and libraries. Dynamic JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, etc., makes it a lot easier, quicker, and efficient to develop interactive and professional web applications. We also have access to a lot of libraries, which we can use according to our requirements. For example, it is possible to conduct GUI development with widgets such as jQuery, AngularJS, or Bootstrap. A java certification course can help you learn more about these libraries and frameworks. 

Easy to Write Language 

JavaScript remains one of the easiest languages for coding without installing any specific type of tool or program. We can just use a simple notepad for writing our JavaScript code. Plus, there are tons of other editors to rectify the mistakes in our JavaScript code. These editors check the JavaScript code for errors and enable us to find the bugs faster. The pace of development also increases when we implement JavaScript in web development projects. It is a tried and tested language for such projects. 

Makes Complex Web Application Development Easier

Despite being an old programming language for web development, it still makes the development of complex web applications easier and faster. The developers can use the language for simplifying the application’s composition. It is possible to create DOM boundaries with the help of JavaScript libraries. 

Responsive Web Design 

A uniform experience of a website has become really important in the age of multiple devices and web browsers. JavaScript provides responsive web design that allows the developers to optimise the websites for all the devices by relying on the same code. Responsive web design requires developers to combine the best of HTML5, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. Developers use JavaScript effectively to optimise web pages for mobile devices. 

Java Training and Certification 

If you want to learn JavaScript in a practical learning environment from industry experts, LSET Java training and certification courses are ideal for getting started. These courses have been designed carefully after industry research and by incorporating real-world projects for web development. Our java certification course provides the best exposure to industry standards and future technologies.

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