Why is Java still a Hot Programming Language to Learn?

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“Which is the best programming language?” is one of the most discussed questions in the software development industry. The answer, however, is fairly subjective based on the kind of coding one does and enjoys. But one thing is sure that Java for developers is still relevant in 2021, irrespective of the industry developments. If you are considering making a career in the software development industry, then getting java certification training would go a long way in boosting your career, irrespective of the language and software you have learned before.

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented computer programming language that is created to have minimum implementation dependencies. It is used for application development and is one of the most secure, reliable, and efficient programming languages. Java for developers has been the most preferred language and platform for around 3 decades now.

Is Java Certification Training Worth?

Java has been and is still a relevant programming language and has been a popular choice for software developers worldwide. It is fairly easy to learn and is a platform-independent, open-source programming language. There are a number of java certification courses out there in the market that helps you get introduced to this programming language but not all teaches you the minute details and easy hacks. Let’s look at a few reasons why Java is still relevant in 2021:

Easy to Learn

Java for developers is easy to learn as it is object-oriented but an imperative language. It is easy for both beginners and experienced developers. Java provides a rich and intuitive API with distinguished quality documentation.

Rich Standard API

The JDK offered with Java language provides a rich standard API that allows developers to build graphical interfaces for desktop with Swing or AWT, perform multithreaded programming, manage inputs/outputs operations, do network operations and cover all the fundamentals of computer programming directly without the need of managing many dependencies.

Java is Fast

The other reason for popularity among Java developers is that it offers one of the fastest performances for a big majority of enterprise applications. Also, the Java platform is scalable suitable for next-gen IT challenges. Moreover, Java is platform-independent and an open-source language.

Benefits of Java Certification Course from LSET

If you want to advance your career as an application developer in the software industry, then the java certification course at LSET is the best bet. At LSET, we offer hands-on training with practical assignments. With our advanced java certification training, you will learn how to construct codes, integrate APIs, java architecture, data types, conditions, loops, and much more. Our professional java certification course covers both core and advanced Java concepts.

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