Highest Paying Skills for Java Professionals

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Highest Paying Skills for Java Professionals

Java has been recognised as one of the most popular programming languages in the world for over a decade and is used widely by Java developers worldwide. If you are looking to further your career as a Java professional, you need to advance the technical skills that will make you future-ready and get you a handsome salary. To become a certified Java professional, you will have to get enrolled in a Java certification course that will help you with the technical and soft skills of the Java programming language.

Highest Paying Java Skills

Most recruiters look for the critical core skills in a Java professional: object-oriented programming skills, design patterns in Java, and Abstract classes in Java. However, certain advanced java developer skills are taught at a Java certification training that recruiters mostly prefer to pay high.

  1. Java Build Tools: Being an advanced Java developer, you must be aware of the build tools such as Maven and Gradle, Ant. These tools are for managing project configurations, build configurations and documentation. 
  2. Java Web Frameworks: As a java developer, you will have to build functional mobile applications. This will require you the knowledge of Java server faces, Spring MVC, Vaadin, and Wicket, among others. These frameworks support the development of web applications, and java certification training will help you equip with the hands-on experience of these frameworks. 
  3. Java EE Components: Some of the major Java EE components include Java Server Pages, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Message Service, etc. These components help a java developer to write server-side applications. 
  4. Object Relational Mapping (ORM): You will learn about ORM skills in a Java certification training program. These skills are required to map an object to a relational database. Therefore, in order to map and manage the mismatch, many ORM tools such as Hibernate, java persistence, Open JPA, etc., are available.
  5. Java Testing Tools: A professional Java developer works on a varied range of tools, from writing codes to creating JSP pages and even building applications for machine learning. Hence, as a java developer, you must have hands-on experience with testing tools such as Junit, TestNG, Spock, Mockito, and Selenium. With java certification training, you will become familiar with a wide range of tools for unit testing, automation testing, performance testing, and integration testing.

Best Java Certification Course at LSET

LSET is the most trusted technical learning centre that provides a wide range of web and IT courses to enable students to become certified professionals in various fields. The Java certification course at LSET enables students to get hands-on experience on all the technical skills and train them in both core and advanced Java concepts along with important java frameworks. The professional java certification course at LSET is the most comprehensive course in Java programming language, training students to be full-stack java developers.

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  1. Imani

    Nicely written! Truly Java still has some amazing career opportunities. However, the competition has become stiffer than ever before. Maybe becoming a full-stack java developer is the best idea for a prosperous career. I’m amazed at how far this programming language has evolved.

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