Reasons to become a full stack developer

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Reasons to become a full stack developer

In the world of application development, people with an inclination towards its creative side opt for front-end development whereas those with inclination towards technical side opt for back-end development. Then there are people with a knack for both creative and technical aspects of the development and they’re called full stack developers. A full stack development involves multiple layers and the developer alone works all the layers of the application i.e. servers, databases and the clients.

As overwhelming as it may sound, it is very easy to learn. Plus, there are many full stack development tools in the market to ease their job further. A full stack developer is a game-changer in the industry because of their diverse skillset and their versatility. Following are a few practical reasons for you to consider this role:

Diverse skillset

Required skills of a full stack developer will look like as follows:

  • Essential front-end technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Third party libraries like JQuery, Angular & ReactJS.
  • Server-side programming languages like Python, Ruby and Java for developers are essential for server-side development.
  • Server administration: Linux, Apache, nginx servers.
  • DBMS: MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle.
  • Cache mechanisms: Varnish, memcached, redis.
  • Basic design ability: UI/UX design.
  • Version Control system: Git, SourceTree.
  • API (REST & SOAP).
  • Additional: Security, automation testing, unit tests, documentation etc.

Evidently, the portfolio of a full stack developer is diverse as they’re required to have comprehensive knowledge of each layer of the application. This makes it easier for them to address different needs of different clients.

Career growth

  • This is an in-demand job role as companies are looking for cost-effective methods for their growth. A full stack developer is a multi-talented professional who can keep up with the changes of the market and can work on all sorts of projects.
  • Your options are not narrowed down by traditional front-end or back-end development. Your diverse skillset gives you a plethora of options. Either build an AI chatbot or progressive webpages, there’s no limit to the use of full-stack development as every industry needs it.
  • Because of your diverse skillset, you’ll be made part of critical projects of your company and may even be leading many projects.

Better productivity

  • You bring in more productivity as you have multiple skills and you’ll be able to accurately foresee results of any change made in a project. This gives you better and quick decision-making capability and an edge over other developers.
  • You work on all the layers on your own which frees you from dependence on other people to finish their part of the job for you to start on it. Therefore, you finish the project in less time too.
  • You enjoy creative flexibility in all aspects- creative or technical- as the project is entirely yours to work on.

High pay

Companies are willing to pay a good amount to a full stack developer with the desired skills. Simply because the developer alone is performing the work of 2-3 professionals thus, reducing the company’s operating costs. The average salary of a full stack developer in the UK is £40,000-£70,000 p.a. with a scope to increase further.

London School of Emerging Technology

The jobs and demand for full stack developers will increase further as new technologies emerge. The developer too has to keep up-to-date with all the new technologies entering the market. But before that, the key to be a full stack developer is to know the basics of all the technologies well. LSET provides extensive courses such as python certification & java certification training, networking, hacking and security along with short courses such as java bootcamp and python bootcamp – java & python being the most important languages to learn to be a good full stack developer. LSET will help you master the basic required skills for you to launch your career as a full stack developer.

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