Top 5 Programming Languages for IoT Projects

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Top 5 Programming Languages for IoT Projects

The Internet has become a vital part of human life. IoT has made us more and more internet savvy with each passing day, from home automation systems to self-driving cars. IoT has evolved in the last few years, and today, IoT is one of the most sought-after skills among software developers and IT professionals. Developers use several programming languages in the IoT industry; some of the popular programming languages for IoT are Python and Java. Elite education institutions teach a number of Python certification and Java certification courses.

Choosing a Language for IoT

While the usual group of languages already dominates the IoT space, there are few among them that are most preferred by developers worldwide. Let’s look at the top 5 programming languages used in IoT:


Java is the most popular programming language of all time. It offers cross-platform support and allows developers to create and debug codes on their desktop itself. Java is an object-oriented language and has the least hardware dependency compared to other languages. Java certification course helps you gain proficiency in the language.


Python is a high-level, general-purpose, and reliable programming language that is easy to learn and interpret. In recent years, it has become one of the popular choices in the IoT industry. The major advantage of Python is that it has clean codes that increase its readability. It is also an object-oriented language over which you can grasp proficiency through a good python certification.


Swift is a programming language that is used mainly to build applications for macOS and iOS devices. The popularity of these devices means those developers have to use swift for the IoT stack. Another advantage of Swift is that Apple has its own HomeKit platform for integrating the data supply from a network of compatible devices.


This is a general-purpose programming language just like Python and Java. It is also a cross-platform programming language that is used to develop high-performance applications functional on multiple devices. If you want to develop high-end applications through IoT, then C++ might prove very beneficial.


This programming language is the first choice for web developers, but it is also popular in the IoT. According to the Eclipse survey, 11.2 % of respondents say that they have included PHP in their IoT stack.

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