Technologies to Learn to Master Full-Stack Development

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Technologies to Learn to Master Full-Stack Development

In these times of accelerated change, organisations across verticals are driving digital transformation and enabling ways to strengthen their online presence. With businesses of all sizes creating e-platforms and websites, the domain of web development has witnessed a dramatic growth like never before. Thus, creating immense opportunities and job prospects for web developers and designers. This has further necessitated the need for structured learning courses for AI and machine learning, programming in swift, hybrid mobile app development, and other technical training. As a developer, one must possess multiple skill sets and be a full stack developer to crack better job opportunities. So, what are the technologies that we need to learn to become a full stack developer to stay ahead of the curve? Let us find out:

What is full stack development?

When we talk of web development, we talk of the entire process of building a website or an application from scratch. Primarily, it is divided into two categories – front-end development and back-end development. While front-end development is used to build features of an application that a user interacts with, back-end development comprises system functionalities, user validation, data flow, and logical processes. Together, these two combine to create a full stack.

Furthermore, a technology stack consists of an operating system, a database, a server along with frameworks, libraries, etc. Combining multiple technology stacks together and running them can also be termed as a full stack. Likewise, a full stack developer is someone who is skilled to handle both front-end and back-end development. He/she possesses the working knowledge of the entire process of the full stack of an application including the front-end, the back-end, the database, server, and so on.

Technologies to learn for a full stack developer


One of the most popular languages in the world of tech, JavaScript has become a key skill for any full stack developer. It is the first language that determines the function of a web page and includes various features, closures, and protocols to implement audio, page animation, video features, and scrolling functionality while building a responsive web page. You can attend a java bootcamp or get a java training and certification to learn the programming language.

Database/Web storage (full stack developer)

Every web application requires a database to store information and data that is generated. A skilled full stack developer is aware of all relational databases, memory storage, and NoSQL databases. He/She knows how to design and manipulate database queries while has a working knowledge of JSON and XML. This is required for all types of technical projects including hybrid mobile app development.

Web Architecture (full stack developer)

Along with having practical knowledge of programming in swift and other technical skills, a full stack developer must know the fundamentals of web architecture, data structure, code structure, file separation, and the location of computational tasks to be able to develop an application from scratch.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are one of the most common and important skills required to become a full stack developer. HTML is used to define the structure of a web page, and CSS is a personalisation tool used to design and adorn a website. The combination of both is used to determine the look and feel of a website.

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  1. Mateo

    Well written informative blog.. Also, backend languages like python, java and PHP are few add-on technologies which can benefit the learners in mastering full stack development more efficiently.

  2. Hester

    Well written informative blog.. Also, backend languages like python, java and PHP are few add-on technologies which can benefit the learners in mastering full stack development more efficiently.

  3. Teagan

    Surely, the demand for skilled full stack developers is rising day by day and youngsters are looking for such opportunities in this sector. This blog is definitely very helpful for them.

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