How To Beat The Competition In The Java Job Market?

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How To Beat The Competition In The Java Job Market

Java being one of the most popular programming languages, the competition in the java job market is cut throat. If you’re someone who wishes to keep a firm foot in this market, then follow these points to help you with it.

OOP skills

Java is an object oriented language and java for beginners means an introduction to OOP. Any good developer knows how strong a tool object oriented programming is. Therefore, you should make a solid base, learn about object modeling, SOLID principles, etc. and polish your OOP skills. Make sure that you use them while writing your codes.


You should learn about the most used frameworks in java such as Spring, Hibernate, JSF, GWT, etc. Have at least one framework about which you have thorough knowledge. For example, if you choose spring framework, then you should be knowing about all its components such as Spring MVC & Spring Boot which are commonly used to create webapps and microservices. You should be knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of Spring and the alternatives/solutions you can go for.

APIs & libraries

A highly skilled java-developer is defined as someone who has in-depth knowledge of the core APIs, main and third party libraries and JDK. You’re not expected to know all the APIs and every other element of the libraries but a few major ones such as Maven, Apache Commons, Guava, etc. will help you stand out and stand firm.

Understand JVM

Java is nothing without JVM. This virtual machine makes every java app run on all possible platforms. Therefore, a good java-developer will know all principles on which JVM works. You should learn all about the JVM system threads and how java executes in a runtime environment.

Stay updated

The new releases come almost everywhere, such as java17 coming up in September 2021. But the java domain is pretty slow in adopting the latest releases. It takes some time to become an industry standard but the companies expect you to know about it nonetheless. So, make sure that your java certification course is introducing you to both, the new versions and the current most used version.

Brush your coding and technical skills (java developer)

Coding can only get better with practice. No matter how much you read or listen,  it cannot match the importance of practice. You should take advantage of opportunities such as hands-on training or coursework. You can also participate in developer communities such as codegym or codewars or you can start on your own. You should also pay attention to various methodologies used such as prototyping, Agile and SCRUM and know how to work around them.

Open other doors (java developer)

Java for developers means a lot of opportunities. Such as, using Java as base and start learning other languages and tools. That will only open new doors for you. You can consider becoming a full stack developer which makes use of java and is a job role that is in high demand these days.

London School of Emerging Technologies

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