Best Uses Of Python In the Real World With Examples

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Best Uses Of Python In the Real World With Examples

Python has evolved as new technologies have developed since Guido Van Rossum created it in 1991. It has become one of the most popular and significant programming languages today. As an object-oriented, open-source, scalable, and easy-to-learn language, Python is used in a variety of areas due to its simplicity of syntax and object orientation.

Since Python has real-world applications, it is a popular and preferred language among coders today, especially those in the field of artificial intelligence.

Now let’s take you through the Best uses of Python in the real world:

Web Development 

Popularly known as the go-to programming language for web development, Python has a vital role to play in it. Python comes with various web development frameworks like Flask, Django, and Pyramid. These frameworks are packed with libraries that permit easy protocol integration and lead to a depletion in development time.

Data Science

One of the most in-demand expertise in the market is data science. Be it IT, eCommerce, or manufacturing, knowing data science is a sought-after skill. This is where Python comes in. Its multiple libraries, such as NumPy, TensorFlow, Pandas, etc., help extract the most valuable information from the data. Libraries like Seaborn and Matplotib further allow a data science expert to visualise data through charts and graphs. It would not be an overstatement to speak that Python is the first and foremost thing that any data science expert must know.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

One of the most effective uses of Python is in Artificial Intelligence. The main reason for it is that Python is a stable language that has the capability to handle the computations needed to build machine learning models. Therefore, its libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Keras and others are appropriate for machine learning apps. Furthermore, it is used in various AI solutions like data processing, advanced computing, image recognition, and more.

Education Sector

Education programs and online courses are two of the most important uses of Python.For beginners, learning a programming language is pretty easy.There is a variety of resources to understand the language, such as a standard library, novice resources, and a variety of resources to help beginners learn the language.Therefore, Python is preferred for both the development of advanced and basic education programs by beginners.

Web Scraping Applications

It refers to companies’ scraping of large quantities of data for extracting customer information to make profit-making decisions. Tools like MechanicalSou, p, PythonRequest, Selenium are used in Python programming for building web scraping apps. Thanks to Python’s ability to create software that can process vast amounts of data, this language is also best in making web scraping applications.

Game Development

Python has time and again displayed its contribution to the gaming industry excellently. For example, remember Battlefield 2, one of the most famous games in the early 21st century? It was developed using the Python language. Some of the basic Python frameworks used in gaming development include PyKyra, Pyglet, PyOpenGL, Pygame, Kivy, Panda3D, Cocos2D, and more!

Software Development

Python simplifies the software development procedure for complex apps. It is used to manage a project, as a support programming language, to build testing and control.

Desktop GUI

One of the essential uses of Python is developing a desktop GUI as we know that Python is an easy to learn, stable, open-source, simple and platform-independent programming language. These elements work in their favour of being used for developing desktop GUI. Toolkits like WxPython, PyQt, and PyGUI are widely used for building high-quality GUIs efficiently.

Summing up

As you would know by now, the primary uses of Python in the real world and that it is one of the most adaptable and flexible programming languages. As you read above, Python is at its peak in data science and Artificial Intelligence, so why not start getting into these domains? Their professionals are amongst the highest paid people in the market today.

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