How to Accelerate Your Java Career?

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How to Accelerate Your Java Career

Java is the most commonly used programming language in the software and web development industry. And very recently, developers have also started their use in AI and Machine Learning. Java is immensely popular because it is cost-effective, innovation-driven, and improves application services as the first-choice programming language for IoT and cloud computing. If you are a java developer and are looking to accelerate your career in the industry, then enrolling in a professional java certification course is very important. Learning new skills and applications of java in the field of IoT is also the need of the hour. Let’s look at some of the skill sets in java for developers that will help you accelerate your career.

Software Design and Architecture

Just like architecture in the real world, software architecture is defined as the high-level system structure of the software components and the discipline of creating such structures and systems. Therefore, learning architecture is important as it helps you decide the right technology stack to implement your app.

Containers and DevOps Tools

For the next-gen java developers, operational knowledge of DevOps tools is essential. A developer must at least have the knowledge of continuous integration and deployment. Knowledge of tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins is required to stand out among the rest of the developers.

Spring Framework

Nowadays, many companies prefer to do development with Spring Frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud. Hence, it is expected for a java developer to know these frameworks. It helps them to become senior developers that the companies are looking for. If you are interested in learning these frameworks, then our comprehensive java certification course will help you explore spring frameworks for developing next-gen applications.

Unit Testing

What makes you a great java programmer is your unit testing skills. A professional developer will always write unit tests for their code. You can learn unit testing with Junit and Mockito through a professional java training and certification course. If you are already a developer, joining a java Bootcamp will help you hone your unit testing skills.

Design Patterns

When you write a code from scratch, you are usually writing object-oriented code and design patterns to become part of tried and tested solutions to common issues. Incorporating design patterns in your code makes your application flexible and easy to change at a later stage. You can learn the use of Java 8 features such as Lambdas and Streams to recreate design patterns viz. Strategy Patterns. A competitive java training and certification will help you understand the design patterns in a more comprehensive way.

Comprehensive Java Certification Course

If you are a junior-level programmer and are looking for professional java training and certification, then LSET is the best choice institution for you. Our curriculum allows you the flexibility of learning on the go and accommodates your learning hours while you are at work. We offer multiple java programming courses designed to suit the needs of different levels of developers. We update our courses regularly and equip our students with next-generation skills like IoT, Machine Learning, etc., to help them grow quickly within the industry. Get enrolled in our Java training and certification today to boost your career in the Java programming industry.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to the LSET java course through your informative blog at such a crucial time in my career. I work in an IT firm but I always wanted to do something in java programming and I was looking for some practical advice for how to shift towards my passion. But now I am positive and hopeful about my career in Java as I think this course will definitely help me out.

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