How to become an iOS developer?

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How to become an iOS developer
iOS development:

iOS development refers to building, testing, and upgrading the applications used in Apple iOS that align with the company’s and the customer’s requirements. The developer keeps in mind the working of iOS on various devices of Apple such as iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, etc. and makes applications that are compatible with these devices and the demands of the customers.

Is iOS development worth it?

There are about a billion iPhone users and approximately 2 million apps on the Apple Store as of 2021. Mobile applications are expected to generate a revenue of $935 billion by 2023. On average, a person uses 30 apps on his/her iPhone. This shows that there is a huge demand already in this sector, and it’ll be worth it to devote your time to some iOS developer course.

How to become an iOS developer?
  • Objective-C: a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language based on C used in iOS & OSX products. Even after the introduction of swift, it’s still getting upgraded and hasn’t been replaced yet, so learning it will be smart.
  • Swift: it’s a general-purpose compiled coding language released in 2014. It’s better than Objective-C in performance, type-safety and security. It is used to develop iOS, TVOS, macOS, Linux, and It can run on devices from iOS 7 or later. Swift is the future of iOS development, and hence one should get proper swift training to learn programming in swift.
Other skills:
  • Spatial reasoning: the developer should be able to understand that the application developed will be used by users on different platforms with different types of control & inputs.
  • Design Guidelines: iOS apps must stick to the design guidelines. They should know how to create the Model-View-Controller, delegate patterns and notifications.
  • Networking: Almost every app interacts with the Internet somehow. Thus, it is a requirement for the developer to know about sending & receiving messages on a network using JSON.
  • Core Data: it is the foundation of string any data on an Apple device, which makes it an important part of almost all apps.
  • Grand Central Dispatch (GCD): iOS is known for concurrency, and this too is to add concurrency to the apps developed.

As soon as you have familiarised yourself with the languages and other skills, get on to developing your apps, post them on App Store and keep upgrading them. Pay attention to the app design and maintenance part and stay regular at it. If you’ve taken up some iOS development course, make sure that they make your code and thoroughly practice the development process.

Join a community:

Online communities such as GitHub or Stack Overflow will help you a lot with your application’s development & testing phases. The entire community is made up of people either a part of or interested in a coding career. So, people are there to help you if you’re stuck anywhere in the development process, such as having issues while programming in swift.


If you aspire to be an iOS developer, then the iOS development course from LSET will prove to be the most beneficial one. We provide lessons for programming in swift. We provide training in all the other skills required, and we include lessons by working people in the field. We have the provision of letting you work with various companies and hone your skills. We make sure that you’re well practised and learned by the end of the course and ready to make a mark in the field of iOS development.

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  1. I am a tech enthusiast and very passionate about mobile applications and software development. I have been thinking about a career in iOS mobile app development and this blog made me more confident and gave me direction to start with it. Thanks for such an informative and apt blog.

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